Baby Bath Toys and Avoiding Mold

When it comes to bath toys, mold is your mortal enemy. And it settles in faster than you can say rub-a-dub-dub. You need to gear up correctly from the start with your choice of toys, and then be vigilant with keeping them clean. Here’s the deal…

Hole In One: Toys that squirt, rain, and make bubbles are super fun. But that means holes, a potential perfect habitat for bacteria to grow. That’s why you want detachable designs that come apart to be thoroughly cleaned and dried! You:1, Mold:0.

Sealed Shut: Toys made out of a single piece of rubber give mold no crevices to seep in and grow. Opt for unusual shapes to engage sensory play.

Some Plastic Is Fantastic: Companies like Green Toys make classic tug boats, seaplanes, and submarines out of recycled milk cartons that can be opened for cleaning and for old school fun.

Regular Cleaning: Some toys are dishwasher safe, some are not. To be safe, you can combine 3 parts hot water to one part vinegar in a bucket and let them soak in there for a good ten minutes. Then rinse and dry completely.

Smart Storage: Mold thrives in dark areas with poor air circulation, so don’t store them in a place with either of those things. Good bath toy organizers are designed not to overcrowd toys so they can dry out completely.

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