M+A Virtual Events

  • Tunes With Tim

    Tunes With Tim (all ages)

    Weekdays 11:00am–11:30am Central Time
    Weekdays 4:00pm–4:30pm Central Time


    Tim uses his wide repertoire of original & classic songs – from nursery rhymes to Beatles tunes – to inspire kids AND adults to dance, sing & play along at home.

    Week of 5/25: The Beatles theme!

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  • Tiny Tunes With Tim

    Tiny Tunes With Tim (0–12 months)

    Weekdays 12:00pm–12:30pm Central Time


    Tim uses a variety of interactive children's songs aimed at inspiring families to sing together while gently moving with their babies at home. 

    Week of 5/25: The Beatles theme!

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  • Prenatal Yoga With Carla Primero

    Prenatal Yoga With Carla Primero 


    Prenatal Yoga Sculpt

    This all levels 40 minute prenatal yoga sculpt class will focus on lengthening and toning using your own body weight.

    Light hand weights (3-5 pounds) are optional and can be used if you want an extra challenge.

    The class will be designed for pregnant women but anybody can join. Guys too!

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  • Yoga Sculpt With Carla Primero

    Yoga Sculpt With Carla Primero 


    Yoga Sculpt

     A 40 minute class that combines the mindful movements of vinyasa and strengthening with your own body weight along with optional props such as hand weights or items already in your home.  Be prepared to sweat, lengthen, and tone!

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  • Dr. Payal Adhikari headshot

    Virtual Lunch Break With Pediatrician Dr. Payal Adhikari

    Mondays at 1:00pm Central Time on Instagram Live: @monicaandandy.


    Ask all of your pressing questions about COVID-19 as it relates to your children's health in real time with our resident pediatrician Dr. Payal Adhikari.

    Dr. Payal Adhikari, M.D. is a board-certified pediatrician and mother of two little ones. She attended Northwestern University, trained at Rush University, and has been practicing in private pediatrics since 2013. She uses her experiences as a mother to curate her perspective to give realistic talks to expectant parents.

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  • Kelly Murray on bed with laptop

    Naptime With Sleep Expert Kelly Murray

    Tuesdays at 1:00 pm Central Time Instagram Live: @monicaandandy.


    Right now kids are not on their regular schedules leaving parents more exhausted than ever! Every Tuesday, Kelly Murray, a certified Pediatric and Adult Sleep Consultant, will answer questions about your sleep and your child's sleep that are keeping you up at night (literally).

    Murray specializes in helping sleep-deprived humans, ages 0 to 100, worldwide obtain the restful sleep they so desperately need through customized sleep programs and support.

    Pediatric Sleep Site
    Adult Sleep Site

  • Karina Heinrich holding stainless steel refrigerator door handles

    Nutrition Wellness With Karina Heinrich Of The Karina Method

    Wellness Wednesdays

    Wednesdays 11:00am Central Time Instagram Live: @monicaandandy


    Every Wednesday Join Certified Integrative Nutritionist and Celebrity Health Coach, Karina Heinrich, as she covers the most relevant health topics and answers all of your nutrition and wellness questions to help keep you and your family as healthy as possible while at home.

    For more info on The Karina Method:

  • group of people meeting in a Guideshop

    New Mommy Meet Ups: Social Distancing With A New Baby

    Wednesdays 1:00pm Central Time on Zoom


    Have you just given birth in these past few unsettling months? If so, Monica and Andy is offering an online support group for you led by Manon Chevallerau of New Parent Journey. This doula led meet up will allow you to meet your virtual "village" and talk to other moms who are going through a similar journey as you! Enjoy meeting other moms and hearing their stories, Q&A with Manon and sharing feelings, stressors and even recipes with each other!

    Recommended age group: for moms with 0-3 month babies.

    New meet ups will be added by demand. Come find your virtual village!

    *This class will have a 10 person limit.

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  • Risha Kotecha headshot

    Foundations for Infant Motor Development Q&A

    Wednesday, May 20th at 6:00pm Central Time on Zoom


    A licensed pediatric physical therapist will lead a discussion on the basics of newborn tummy time and strategies for the first month and the importance of this foundation for early childhood motor development. Parents will learn how they can help their child and understand recommendations and strategies from an experienced professional.

    Risha Kotecha is a board-certified physical therapist with an additional board certification in Pediatrics and owner of Steady Steps PT which focuses on infant and child motor development classes for children of all abilities. She completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the Mayo Clinic, Pediatric Residency at the University of Michigan, and MBA from DePaul University. She is currently practicing as a Pediatric Physical Therapist at a top children's hospital in Chicago.

  • Jennifer Jolorte headshot

    Infant Feeding and Nutrition Q+A With Jennifer Jolorte

    Thursdays at 1 pm Central Time Instagram Live: @monicaandandy.


    Join nutritionist and postpartum chef, Jennifer Jolorte for weekly discussion and Q+A on infant feeding and nutrition.

    Jennifer will lead a 4 week series covering topics:

    1. Baby Led Weaning: simple, easy recipes for introducing first foods
    2. Picky Eaters: bring the joy back to mealtimes
    3. They Eat What You Eat: simplifying meals for the whole family to enjoy
    4. Plant Based Eaters: how to make balanced meals on a vegetarian diet

    Jennifer Jolorte Doro is a Nutritionist and Postpartum Chef who focuses primarily on providing nutritious meals to families postpartum, breastfeeding counseling, and helping families navigate the transition to solid food and beyond. Jennifer's focus is, on whole, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients while providing healthier alternatives to some of life's favorite foods. She is a mother of a one year old boy, based in NYC and the Hudson Valley. Her training includes an MS in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health, Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, Birth Doula and Pre/Postnatal Yoga Instructor.

    For more info on Jennifer:

  • infant and child on bed with white sheets

    COVID-19 and Its Link to Children

    Friday, May 22nd at 6:30PM CT on Zoom


    COVID-19 and Birth, Infants & Children: a discussion with OBGYN Dr. Jaqueline Worth, Pediatrician Dr. Payal Adhikari + moderated by Founder of boober and Birth Day Presence, Jada Shapiro.

    • How to protect your children
    • How Covid affects children and current news stories surrounding its affect on children
    • Attending routine visits during stay at home orders
    • How to keep your kids (and yourself!) sane during stay at home

M+A Digital Classes

  • The Karina Method’s Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition & Wellness Program

    Karina Heinrich holding her daughter in kitchen

    Chicago-based Certified Integrative Nutritionist and Celebrity Health Coach, Karina Heinrich, shares research-backed advice (& first-hand experience) on the nutritional advantages during pregnancy, breastfeeding and losing the unwanted pregnancy pounds that are no longer needed.

    This Downloadable 5-Part Video and PDF Program Includes

    • Top Foods to Eat While Pregnant
    • Cleaning Out Toxins and Chemicals
    • Breastfeeding Diet Recommendations
    • Mental Wellness
    • Best Foods for Best Sleep
    • Finding The Calm Through Meditation
    • Body Post Baby: The Karina Method’s “High, Low, Lean, No” Nutritional Rules
    • Body Post Baby: What to eat and what to skip to jumpstart weight loss
    • Body Post Baby: Exercise
    • Printable Grocery List
    • The Karina Method Favorite Recipes
  • Family Photography with Simply By Suzy

    young girl holding newborn baby
    Beloved family and baby photographer, Suzy Brown, teaches you how to photograph your children — while building a deeper connection to your life

    This 4-part video class includes:
    • learning to use your camera
    • mastering light
    • setting up authentic moments
    • editing, protecting & printing your pictures

    Plus, a bonus lesson to help you develop a deeper connection with your family.
  • Newborn Photography with Simply By Suzy

    Expecting? Expert family and baby photographer, Suzy Brown, teaches you how to photograph your newborn baby at home.

    Includes 1 video.

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