About Us

Monica + Andy was not born out of a boardroom.

It was born in a delivery room by a mom, who, until she held her baby girl in her arms, had no idea just how overwhelming motherhood could be.

A mom who wanted nothing more in that moment than to know with absolute confidence that what touched her baby’s skin second to her arms, would be the softest and most trustworthy fabric available.

A mom who, when realizing she couldn’t easily find those products, vowed to make them herself.

So, Monica Royer, a mom with a plan and a baby on her hip, showed up in the boardroom (and the design table, manufacturer, production line and shipping center) and mothered this idea to life.

The Result?  A kind + conscious clothing company creating the softest and most trustworthy fabrics in classic and whimsical prints and a new and joyful way for moms to shop.

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Our Pinky Promise

At Monica + Andy, we’re committed to quality for you + your baby. And we promise to be a source of trusted information and inspiration for all moms. Good things begin here.