Baby Bottle Feeding Checklist

A baby bottle is a baby bottle is a baby bottle, right? Wrong. Babies can be finicky when it comes to finding the bottle, nipple, and flow they prefer, so don’t just buy 10 of the ones your best friend swears by. Go by our handy checklist, so you’re fully prepared.


Baby Bottle Set

Start with a few different kinds, so you can try them out and see what baby takes to. Then, be sure you have 5-10 of the winning bottle. Feel free to go glass, plastic, or a combo – it’s all a personal preference.

Bottle Brush

Baby Bottle Brush

Be aware: some bottles (and their parts) are dishwasher safe, and some are not. Either way, you want a bottle brush to get rid of milk residue in tough to reach places. 

Bottle Drying Rack

Baby Bottle Drying Rack

Bottles and all their parts can take up a lot of room. A thoughtfully designed bottle drying rack  accommodates all the parts without taking over your kitchen counter. 

Bottle Warmer

Baby Bottle Warmer

This is one of those things that some parents swear by and others never take out of the box, but if your baby is finicky about milk temperature, it will take the stress out of getting the bottle at the perfect temp. Our advice? Register for it and save the receipt. You can always return it if the need never arises. 

Bottle Sanitizer

Baby Bottle Sanitizer

If you’re a germaphobe, this is a nice-to-have gadget that will give you peace of mind that your bottles have zero germs or bacteria. Some require the microwave, others simply the push of a button (but require some counter space). 

Burp Cloths

Baby Burp Cloths

Babies spit up (especially after a bottle). And some do it a lot. You want a legit burp cloth to clean up the milky mess (sorry, we’re giving it to you straight). We’ve made ours from two layers of super absorbent (and extra soft) organic cotton, and of course you have your pick of our cheerful prints.