Baby Boy Nursery

Decorating your baby boy’s nursery is an exciting time for any parent. From the crib and dresser to the room decor that brings the entire theme together, there are so many items to choose from.

But what theme or nursery inspiration are you going for? Woodlands? Nautical? Baseball? After an hour-long trip down the Pinterest rabbit hole, it’s easy to feel overly enthusiastic and end up with 10 different nursery ideas.

Worry not. Have your notebook and pen handy because we’re going to provide you with 7 baby boy nursery ideas, complete with the nursery staples you simply can’t do without.

#1 Find a Wonderful Wallpaper—And Go From There


A wonderful place to begin gathering nursery decor ideas is by choosing what color you envision the walls to be. Although you might be sold on the idea of painting the room all one color, consider the benefits of an accent wall in the form of wallpaper:

  • It adds a bold pop of style and bright color.
  • It leaves a big impact on the baby nursery with minimal change to the rest of the walls.
  • It can make the nursery look cozier and more inviting.
  • It easily becomes a focal point for your nursery’s theme.1

Here are some wallpaper ideas for your little guy’s themed nursery:

Animal Prints

From Winnie the Pooh to safari animals, you can’t go wrong with a classic critter print wallpaper or wall decals. You can go whimsical with a mix of brightly colored animals in the background or keep it clean with a simple print.

If you’re interested in keeping it minimalist, we recommend this white elephant wallpaper. It comes in six colors and will pair well with white walls or whatever color scheme you want to incorporate into the nursery.


Stripes are a versatile option for wall decor because you easily choose from soft and subtle colors or opt for a bold and more daring palette.

For a nautical vibe, look for pale blue and eggshell stripes. For a wall with a bang, rainbow-colored stripes are a great option because they’ll make that wall the focal point of the room while allowing you a rainbow of colors to choose from (literally) when deciding what accent colors to add.


What’s more soothing to your little one than some lush greenery in the form of wallpaper (besides being with you, of course)? Create a sense of zen with some of these baby nursery ideas:

  • Big tropical leaf patterns
  • Modern neutral-colored leaf collage
  • Bamboo shoots
  • Pine trees

An added bonus of foliage-inspired wall art is that you can take it in so many different directions. Whether you’re interested in having a jungle theme, forest theme, or want an animal theme, this wallpaper is an excellent place to start.

#2 Organize With Stylish Baskets

An important aspect of any nursery is what you choose to store your little boy's items in. From books and toys to blankets and swaddles, baskets are an easy method of keeping his things orderly while simultaneously adding a little flair to the nursery design.

In addition, you can find them in different shapes, sizes, and types of materials. No matter your theme, there is a bundle of baskets to complement your motif.

Below are some practical and stylish basket ideas for your nursery:

  • Lidded woven basket—Baskets with a lid are an excellent way to easily keep all dirty laundry in one place. What’s more, with a lid, you can keep any soiled clothing safely tucked away, which can come in handy once your tiny tot becomes more mobile.
  • Rope basket—A rope basket is an exceptional addition to any nursery theme. The Lorena Canals Basket Bubbly is handmade and machine washable, so it’ll last for years to come. Not only is it long-lasting, but it’s made with 100% natural cotton, so it’s also safe for him to be around, whether he’s chewing on it or trying to swing it from side to side.
  • Basket with handles—It’s extremely convenient to have a few baskets that are easy to tote from one location to another. From carrying dirty laundry to the washing machine to toting his toys from the nursery to the living room, handles are the way to go.

#3 Use a Cozy Rug

Whether your nursery floor is made of tile, wood, or carpet, a rug can quickly and easily add a touch of style to the room. It also doubles as a soft place for you to sit with your baby and practice tummy time or playtime.

With its minimalist geometric pattern and beige background, this Lorena Canals Bereber Rug is the perfect fit for a slew of nursery themes. And, we know accidents happen, which is why this rug is 100% machine washable. You can knock out sudden stains and get right back to tummy-time and snuggles.

#4 Incorporate a Bookcase

Although your little guy won’t be coming out of the womb itching for a book to read, that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared by collecting books for when he is. While you can put his books in a basket, you may find that the collection grows much quicker than him, in which case a bookcase might be convenient.

The Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookcase is a solid choice, whether your nursery’s theme relates to animals, geometric shapes, a specific color scheme, or something entirely different. It’s stylish and functional and fits 12 to 15 books on each branch.

#5 Choose the Crib That’s Right For Him (and You)

While your baby might be sleeping next to you in their bassinet for the first few months, eventually, he’ll be spending his nights in his very own crib. It’s the ultimate nursery must-have, and finding the ideal one for yours is essential.

They come in all shapes and colors, so choose yours depending on your nursery’s size and theme. Here are a few ideas to consider:2

  • Wood – Choosing a crib with a natural wood finish works brilliantly with various nursery themes. The Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib comes in a multitude of shades to suit your tastes and converts to a toddler bed when the time comes.
  • Oval-shaped – Dare to be bold with an oval-shaped crib. Not only are they unique, but because of their shape, they can also be a space saver if you have a smaller nursery.
  • Metal crib – Durable yet tasteful, these cribs come in a variety of colors and are easy to keep clean and sanitized. They can also make a cozy nursery appear larger.

#6 Dress It Up With a Dresser

Newborns come with a lot of gear. Whatever you don’t buy yourselves, you’ll surely get at your baby shower—onesies, burp rags, muslin blankets, the list goes on and on. Where do you store all of those items? A dresser, of course!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my dresser need to match the crib as a set?
  • Should it stand alone as a statement piece?
  • Should I focus on functionality over aesthetics?

The truth is, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. You can have the best of both worlds with Babyletto Lolly 6-Drawer Double Dresser. It’s got plenty of space for his baby clothes and will certainly have extra room to spare. With six smooth-glide drawers, you can also store his extra blankets, diapers, and more.

Its sleek, modern design pairs well with most other nursery furniture. From nautical to woodland vibes, its neutral white color allows you to have your cake and eat it too—functionality and a splash of style for his nursery.

#7 Choose the Ultimate Changing Table

One place you’ll be spending plenty of quality time with your little man is at the changing table. Whether it’s 3 a.m. or 3 in the afternoon, you’ll both be here a lot those first few months (and beyond). Here are a few types of changing tables you might be interested in, depending on your nursery’s theme:

  • Metal – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—metal furniture like cribs and changing tables are a lifesaver if you’re decorating a smaller nursery. Every inch of space counts and a metal changing table can give you back a few inches while also looking smaller in appearance.
  • Wood – A wooden changing table comes in a large selection of sizes and colors, so you can easily find one to match your nursery’s vibe. The Babyletto Gelato 3-Drawer Changing Dresser is a solid choice because, in addition to giving you ample space to stow away diapers, creams, and wipes, the changing tray on the top is removable, so it easily converts to a regular dresser once your tyke is out of diapers.

Fill Up Your Nursery With Monica + Andy Decor

Designing the perfect nursery for your baby boy should be an enjoyable time for you and your partner. You’re creating a safe and comforting place for your little man to thrive and grow—somewhere you’ll be making memories that’ll last a lifetime.

That’s why Monica + Andy has put together a wide selection of modern nursery furniture and decor to suit your tastes.

Whether you’re creating an exploration-themed nursery for your little explorer or are thinking of going in an ‘under the sea’ direction, we’ve got a variety of cribs, dressers, and other trendy decors that blend seamlessly with the stylistic goals you want to achieve.


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