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6 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

6 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

The million dollar question, am I having a boy or a girl? Gender reveals have become a delightful way for expecting couples to share their excitement with loved ones. But whether you’re welcoming your first baby or adding the newest member to your growing family, you might wonder how to host a gender reveal that’s truly you.

Typically, gender reveals involve some sort of color-coded visual (blue for boys, pink for girls) to announce the baby’s gender.1 However, every couple can add their own twist to make the event as creative and unique as your future bundle of joy.

To jump-start your gender reveal, we’ve rounded up some inspiring ideas to elevate your announcement. From the festive to the whimsical, you’ll be ready to plan a gender reveal that suits your style and celebrate the baby on the way.

#1 Make an Explosive Announcement

Your elation for the new baby is as high as the sky—why not make your gender reveal just as exuberant? These ideas reveal your baby’s gender with a burst of color, but there’s more than one way to go.

For a jaw-dropping reveal (and some amazing pictures), consider these unique gender reveal ideas that go pop:

  • Confetti cannons – Picturesque yet safe, confetti is an excellent way to stylize your baby’s gender reveal. If celebrating with your partner, consider purchasing a confetti cannon for each of you with pink or blue flakes inside. If you're throwing a party, buy a few extras for guests to “pop” along on the count of three.
  • Silly string – For parties, guests will love participating in this silly surprise. Give out cans of blue or pink silly string to your invitees (and be sure to cover the labels). On a countdown, let them spray you or each other for a fun and joyful color reveal.
  • Pinata – For this explosive option, you’ll want to order a custom pinata with pink or blue confetti inside. Popular confetti shapes for gender reveals include question marks, baby bottles, hearts, and even onesies. When it’s time to reveal, let guests or parents take turns whacking the pinata until the surprise color falls out.
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    #2 Say it Sweetly

    They say food is a love language—and nothing spreads the happiness of a new baby like the sharing of a delicious treat. For a super sweet gender reveal, say it with a bite of something tasty.

    Some types of food are easy to dye and design for a colorful surprise, making them an excellent canvas for your gender reveal. To start, try these popular food options to give guests or your partner a tasty surprise:

  • Cupcakes – Cupcakes fit any baby-themed celebration. For a gender reveal, frost them with pink or blue icing and conceal them in a covered cupcake tray until it’s time. You can also get sneaky and place the color inside each cupcake. Dyed white chocolate truffles and piped frosting centers are delightful (and delicious) choices.
  • Cake – Cakes also make for an easy but enjoyable food-themed gender reveal. Dye the cake or frosting layers to show your baby’s gender, and ice the outside of the gender reveal cake in a neutral color. For extra pizzazz, make a pinata cake with a sprinkle-filled center! When you cut into the cake, guests will definitely ooh and ahh as the colors spill out.
  • Chocolate bars – You can also order customized chocolate bars containing hidden “tickets” or messages that reveal your baby’s gender. It’s a cute surprise for your party guest with a keepsake included.
  • #3 Unbox Your Love

    At the end of the day, this event is much like a baby-themed surprise party, with guests bringing along special gifts for the gender reveal party. One special way you can bring the element of surprise is by unboxing your colored items of choice.

    These unboxing ideas will give your guests that “ta-da!” moment:

  • Balloon – Floaty and light, bunches of balloons will make your gender reveal party festive and picture-worthy. Place a bunch of pink or blue balloons in a large box, and open the top on a countdown (just make sure they’re tied down first!).
  • Baby clothes – Stylish, sweet, and touching, a box of colored baby clothes will capture any guest’s heart. A Monica + Andy Gender Reveal Box has all the pink and blue essentials to make your gender reveal a sweet surprise. Open the box with your loved ones, and then save the adorable outfits for later.
  • #4 Make it a Family Affair

    Kid number one already here? Then they will definitely be curious about their future sister or brother. From older siblings to grandparents-to-be, family members will be thrilled to participate in your gender reveal party.

    Make your loved ones feel included in all the joy with these gender reveal ideas for family gatherings:

  • Hand over the reins – Whether it’s your daughter releasing balloons or your son splashing paint, let your older kids join the fun. A sibling gender reveal makes for a great picture and builds anticipation for their incoming sister or brother.
  • Form a lineup – There’s nothing cuter than a biggest-to-smallest family picture. Line up by height, ending with your future baby-to-come (in spirit, of course). Baby shoes, a onesie, or even a small sign can work to announce his or her gender.
  • Cast a vote – Are all the relatives coming to join your gender reveal? Give them a guessing game until the big moment happens. Collect family votes on whether you’re having a boy or girl. Fish bowls, tack boards, and stickers are superb ways to collect their guesses. For extra fun, give any guests who voted correctly a little prize.
  • Let Fido join – They’re not just your furbaby—pets can practically be the older sibling to a new baby. Have your furry friend wear a bandana or shirt that announces your baby’s gender and have a family member bring them into the room or yard for the grand reveal.
  • #5 Get Artsy

    Sometimes, a picture can say it all. If you’re skipping a party, an artistic visual can help you share your exciting news with friends across the internet. Not to mention, it’s an excellent way to create a keepsake for your memories.

    Whether in blue or pink, let your inner artist run free and share a snap (or video) of these baby gender reveal ideas:

  • Splash paint across a canvas
  • Draw his or her future name on a chalkboard in colored chalk
  • Have your partner handprint paint on your belly
  • Polish your and/or your partner’s nails and hold hands
  • Create a push board with “We’re having a (girl/boy)!”
  • Take a picture with you and your partner holding baby shoes or clothes
  • #6 Create a Themed Party

    A solid theme can take a party from meh to magnificent. If you’re throwing a gender reveal party, a fun theme can help you say “baby incoming!” in a way that creates extra fun and enjoyment.

    Another benefit of themes is that they make crafting a party a breeze. From food to favors, you can build an entire celebration around these themed and fun ideas:

  • Honey bees – Sweet in every way, bees convey a fresh and baby-friendly feel. Also, a theme featuring their neutral yellow-and-black colors can keep your gender reveal a surprise until the right moment. Go for honey-flavored food and drinks, bee streamers and decor, and plenty of yellow and black.
  • Bun in the oven – This one works especially well for gender reveal parties involving food. To keep the “bun” theme, hold a barbecue and serve plenty of hot dogs and burgers. You can even release balloons from a fake “oven” for your surprise moment (a painted cardboard box is ideal for this).
  • Blue vs. pink – For a theme that strikes a spirit of curiosity in your guests, embrace the baby color war. Split all your party decor equally into shades of baby blue and baby pink, from balloons to cupcakes. You’ll be sure to keep them guessing until the big moment.
  • Tips for Planning a Gender Reveal

    The beauty of a gender reveal is that it can be as simple or lavish as you’d prefer. It all depends on how you want to share the news.

    Wherever your creativity takes your party planning, however, a few tips can help ensure your gender reveal is a smooth and jubilant success.

    Consider these factors when planning your gender reveal occasion:

  • Timing – Most parents hold off on their gender reveal until the 20-week ultrasound when a medical professional confirms the baby’s gender.2 Once you have this confirmation, you can decide if your reveal comes before, during, or after your baby shower (or even instead of it). If you’re tight on schedule, consider combining both celebrations! Or, if you’d prefer to keep the shower gender-neutral, throw your gender reveal afterwards.
  • Safety – Gender reveals usually come with a “surprise!” moment—but you’ll want to be sure it’s a safe surprise. If including any fireworks, smoke, or explosions, create a safety plan to keep guests and yourself protected, and read up on local regulations for fire hazards. Similarly, avoid any masking or blindfolding to ensure safety for explosive reveals.
  • Party size – Not big on throwing parties, or can’t wait to share the news? Simply post a picture-worthy movement for your gender reveal. If you do plan to host a gender reveal bash, consider how many people you want to (and can) invite for your gender reveal party. Refreshments and entertainment are always welcome for any gathering.
  • Pictures – With all the blues and pinks, gender reveals are usually photo-worthy moments. Not to mention, capturing the celebration lets you share the news with all your friends and family, even if they can’t attend. Consider having a photographer on hand (either a willing friend or a professional) if your gender reveal includes a visual moment you’d like to capture.
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