As your baby girl’s grand entrance draws nearer, you’ve probably been running (or, if you’re pregnant, waddling) around checking everything off of your to-do list before she arrives.

Newborn diapers? Check. A baby coming home outfit? Check. Pacifiers? Check. Onesies? Check. Sleep sack vs swaddle? Sorted. But if there’s one pre-baby girl to-do list item to rule them all, it’s setting up her nursery so that she feels cozy, safe, and loved when she arrives.

Curating your little bundle’s nursery requires as much creative juice as parental instinct. But with some fresh, baby girl nursery theme ideas, you’ll be well on your way to cultivating an inspired, baby-ready setting where she’ll first be introduced to the world.

#1 The Rainbow Nursery

Symbolizing hope and new beginnings, rainbow themes are perfect for ushering positive vibes into your baby girl’s new nursery.1 Whether you fill her room with vivid colors or opt for a toned-down, boho version of this theme, here are a few nursery ideas for integrating this quintessential childhood motif.

Incorporate Wall Decals

You don’t have to paint your walls every hue on the color wheel to bring a rainbow theme to your little one’s nursery. Remember, any spare room can be transformed into a nursery with every decorator’s secret weapon: wall decals.

Wall decals, also known as wall stickers or wall vinyl, can be easily adopted and removed from any smooth surface, making them ideal for parents with little ones who can rapidly outgrow their surroundings.

There are two approaches to making wall decals work for a rainbow theme:

  • Be bold – Rather than adding rainbow details throughout the room, pick one accent wall to be your focal point. Alternatively, you can even move one eye-catching decal of choice to the ceiling above her crib, mimicking the actual placement of rainbows found in nature.
  • Go subtle – If you’re not wild about a room full of loud colors and prefer a neutral nursery room, opt for smaller wall rainbow decals to place around the room. Or, aim for rainbow hues in a neutral color palette, which usually appears a few degrees brighter in a space filled with light. Another option is to use white furniture and pastel rainbow colors for the rest of your nursery decor, like a light pink curtain, a powder blue rug, and small hand-painted watercolor-style rainbow wall art on a light grey wall. A slightly darker wall color makes the watercolor decals stand out.

Whatever type of rainbow theme you’re going for, create decorative continuity by choosing accents in muted versions of your favorite colors. You can pull the room together with furnishings like light blue curtains, a pastel yellow ottoman, a fluffy pink rug, or a small crystal chandelier, so the morning light refracts a rainbow of colors into the room.

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Include Interactive Touches

Creating your little girl’s nursery isn’t just about fostering a colorful ambiance. Lean into your vibrant theme with interactive toys and playthings that can kickstart your baby girl’s learning early, such as:

  • A rainbow felt board where she can learn the alphabet and get a headstart on her reading days
  • A rattle displaying all the colors of the rainbow so she can explore her senses of sight and touch together
  • A rainbow-themed baby book so you can record her growth in her first year in her favorite room of the house.

Keep Her Crib Cozy

As the focal point of every nursery, your little girl’s crib, where she’ll be spending a good portion of her time acclimating to her new environment (and dreaming about cuddles!).

Instead of choosing a brightly varnished crib, consider a hushed color palette for her sleeping environment. Neutral shades like a white crib and washed natural wood will balance the bolder hues on your walls, enabling you to introduce more to other areas of the room.

Pro tip: choose a crib that converts to a toddler bed, so you’re prepared when she’s ready to make the switch

#2 The Floral-Inspired Nursery

To bring the spirit of spring to your little one’s room, why not turn your baby girl’s nursery into a charming floral wonderland? From simple, understated floral wallpaper to bold flower-printed curtains, there are myriad ways to make a classic floral nursery theme your own.

Mount A Gallery Wall Conservatory

A gallery wall is a decorative display featuring pictures in various shapes and sizes arranged across a wall. Gallery walls have a contemporary, eclectic vibe that can be easily customized with baby photos as your little one grows.

Take these 5 steps for using this decorative DIY staple to help your floral theme blossom:2

Assemble your pictures – Botanical illustrations, flowers in watercolor, or even breezy garden sketches you draw yourself can make gorgeous wall accents when collected together. If you’re feeling extra crafty, use press-and-preserve techniques to seal the real version of your favorite blooms onto your baby’s nursery wall.

Whichever style strikes your family, aim for at least six pictures for a minimal look (and plenty more for a more textured feel).

Purchase your picture frames –For a sleek and polished look, choose frames in the same material in varying sizes. If you’re going for a more patchwork-style feel, don’t be afraid to pick frames in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors.

Choose a layout – If you want your photos to be uniform and tidy, use a measuring tape to plot your wall gallery layout. That said, if you’re going for a more organic, home-grown look, you may be able to eyeball your photos’ placement.

Once you’ve decided on your layout, gather your hammer and nails and hoist them up on the wall—voilà! A nursery-ready work of art that perfectly captures your garden theme.

Create A Reading Garden

For many new parents, the nursery reading corner is the hearth of their baby’s growth. It’s there where you’ll snuggle her to sleep, learn nursery rhymes together, and maybe even hear her speak her first words.

Floral themes perfectly channel this nurturing spirit, so don’t be afraid to lean into it with garden-inspired accents like:

Create a communal learning atmosphere by introducing a play chair set to her nursery’s reading corner. Mod-inspired seating is ideal for bringing floral themes up-to-date and will be perfect when it’s time to start having playdates with her friends!

#3 The Jungle-Themed Nursery

If you’re an animal-loving household eager to introduce your baby girl to the animal kingdom, a jungle theme may be perfect for you.

Here’s how to recreate lush greenery, channel tropical abundance, and let some cheerful jungle give your baby girl the homecoming she deserves.

Incorporate Animal-Inspired Wallpaper

When channeling a theme like the jungle, it’s essential to create continuity by choosing an on-theme wallpaper without going into overdrive.

In this case, animal-inspired wallpaper, like our white elephant wallpaper, is your best friend—so why not use it to make an elephant-themed nursery?

To create a calming environment, choose colors in quiet tones like grey or make it extra girly in lavender, mint, or pink. And for the final touch, ready the nursery for her arrival by letting a giant plush stuffed animal greet her when she gets home.

Embrace Natural Textures

It’s no secret that babies come with a lot of necessities—diapers, cute floral bodysuits, tiny socks; you name it.

To store all these essentials while staying in the realm of the jungle, choose storage that has a rustic, natural look. We love:

  • Tassled baskets – Tassels have a knack for channeling a beachy jungle vibe, even if you’re raising your baby in a four-season climate! Shallow designs are ideal for transporting toys from room to room without the fuss and are also excellent for use as a hamper beside her changing table.
  • Woven or baskets – If you want to take an even girlier spin on organizing necessities, aim for woven baskets with fun details like pom poms. If nursery neatness is a priority, aim for baskets made with 100% cotton—not only are they machine-washable, but they’re completely safe for your baby to grab, chew on, and play with as she explores.

Give Your Cub The Perfect Crib

Even if your little girl is born to be a wild child, she’ll be catching up to 18 hours of sleep per day when she first arrives.3 As such, your little cub will need a cozy, cushy lair to call her—and to stay on theme; keep these concepts in mind as you design:

  • Woody colors – Whatever crib seems like the perfect fit for your bundle, stay on the jungle theme by choosing frames in earthy hues that mimic the forest floor. If her nursery doesn’t get much natural sunlight, choose natural colors to bring a sunny feel where windows can’t.
  • Consider a mini crib – Smaller-sized cribs outfitted with wheels can be an excellent option for parents who want to keep close tabs on their newborn girl. If you’re a work-from-home parent or just want to ensure your little one gets her nap wherever and whenever she needs it, check out some mobile mini cribs in neutral hues to ensure it fits the color scheme of each room.

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