the best baby music (that won't drive you crazy!)

Not all baby music is created equal. In fact, most of it is downright annoying. Don’t despair, we did some searching to find the best baby music that you and your little one will both enjoy. Not possible? Just wait until you find yourself alone in the car singing along to one of these gems.

Our Best Baby Music Playlist

  • Rockabye Baby! takes your favorite pop + rock songs and turns them into sweet lullabies. Think Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” by way of xylophone and bells.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star transforms artists from David Bowie to Katy Perry into nursery-friendly classics.
  • Putumayo World Music introduces your baby (and their big sib) to global beats. The upbeat songs and catchy lyrics won’t make you want to pull your hair out.
  • Lisa Loeb’s Catch the Moon features the Gen X icon’s folksy rock sure to relax even the most collicky babies (and their stressed out parents, natch).
  • Spotify “Monica + Andy Baby” Playlist. We asked our Instagram community to play DJ and you delivered everything from Judy Garland to Adele (with a little Billy Joel thrown in for good measure). Search for it on Spotify at “Monica + Andy Baby Playlist”.