Don't forget these 6 Items for your Baby's Nursery

Prepping the nursery is a pregnancy highlight. Precious artwork! Dreamy crib sheets! Giant stuffies! But don’t forget about the little things. They’re what can make all the difference once the baby arrives.

Night Light

Baby Night Light

You want it bright enough to change a diaper at 2 am, but dim enough to keep baby in sleep-mode. We love a multi-purpose product, and some double as a sound machine, temperature control, or an okay-to-wake clock for when they’re bigger.

Diaper Pail

Diaper Pail

Here’s the scoop on poop: It stinks. So a good diaper pail is a must. You want one that’s easy to open with one hand, contains the smell, and holds a good amount of diapers. Bonus points for a sleek aesthetic. Don’t forget to stock up on bags, as many models require special ones.

Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor

Never ever risk waking a sleeping baby, right? RIGHT. Which basically means don’t even think about tiptoeing into the nursery to “check” on them. That’s why you need a baby monitor. Well that and so you can peek in via a smartphone app even when you aren’t even home. 

Wipe Warmer

Baby Wipe Warmer

Do you really need a wipe warmer? It's probably not a make or break. However, it is a nice little luxury for your little one! If you are going to go that route, look for one that holds a LOT of wipes, has visibility to see when you’re running low, and seals tight, so they don’t dry out.


Baby Humidifier

When it comes to humidifiers, it’s all about the cool mist. You want one that’s easy to maintain (i.e. keeps mold at bay), holds a decent amount of water, and has a footprint appropriate for your space. 

Blackout Shades

Baby Nursery Blackout Shades

Babies need to sleep (like a lot). But when it’s super bright outside and your little needs shuteye, it can be quite the challenge. Meet blackout shades, your new best friend. How much you spend depends on your personal style and how long you plan on living in your current home.