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Car Seat Accessories for Newborns

Car Seat Accessories for Newborns

Newborn Car Ride Essentials

Here’s the deal: Some babies love riding in the car and fall asleep to the movement, while others hate it and scream the entire time. Unfortunately, you won’t know what you’re dealing with until you hit the road.These must-haves will make it less stressful and more enjoyable—for you both.

Car Seat Mirror

baby car seat mirror

You’ll throw your back out (or worse, get in an accident) trying to lean over to see if baby is sleeping or not, so just get a mirror and make life easier on yourself. 

Car Seat Protector

Baby Car Seat Protector

Car seats protect your little, but ruin leather seats. A mat to protect the upholstery is a must.

Car Seat Toys

Car Seat Toys

An entertained baby is a happy baby. Car seat toys are worth their weight in gold and will never end up on the floor. Plus, they are good for baby’s development. Win-win. 

Car Seat Monitor

Baby car seat monitor

We’ve all read the horror stories about parents accidentally leaving kids in the car on hot days. This monitor ensures this won’t happen to you. It attaches to the car seat harness, and if you exceed a 15-foot separation from your child, an alarm goes off. Peace. Of. Mind. 

Car Organizer

Baby Car Seat Organizer

Without an organizer, your car can turn into an episode of Hoarders faster than you can say, are you sure that’s chocolate? With this smart contraption, everything has its place. 

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