8 Products to Introduce Solid Foods 

It’s time for an introduction. Baby meet Food. Food meet Baby. But first, you need to gear up. Things are about to get messy. If you haven’t already chosen a high chair, do that now. Now on to the rest.

Baby Food Maker

Baby Food Maker

If you’re going to make your baby’s food, it’s worth investing in a gizmo that makes the process super simple. These contraptions steam and puree meats/fruits/veggies in 15 minutes or less with the push of a button. Bonus points if it has a purpose in your kitchen post puree stage, even if it’s just to steam veggies.

Baby Food Subscription

baby Food Subscription

We all want the very best for our babies, but not everyone has time to whip up homemade baby food. There are plenty of subscription options that deliver fresh purees and kid meals to your doorstep. The biggest differentiators are price, all organic (or not), and frequency, so choose what works best for your family.

High Chair Mat

High Chair Mat

 For a while, more is going to end up on the floor than in baby’s mouth. An easily cleanable mat will save your sanity (and your floors). Pro tip: You can use it later on for under the arts & crafts table. 


Baby Utensils

A baby spoon is a baby spoon, right? Wrong. There are smart design details that make some stand out. Some change color if the food it’s dunked in is too hot temperature-wise. Others are designed with fine motor skills in mind to make grasping and self-feeding easier. 


Baby Bowls & Plates

 Pay attention to what it’s made of (BPA-free is a must). A suction-bottom means he won’t throw the bowl of pureed peas across the room. And dishwasher/microwave-safe is very much a nice-to-have. Lastly, there are plenty of nice looking options out there, so there’s no need to settle for hideous dishware. 

Sippy Cups

Sippy Cups

The transition from a bottle to a sippy cup can be a challenge for baby. You want a free-flowing spout that doesn’t require intense sucking and a design that’s easy to hold. Make sure it’s not a total pain to clean (too many parts or crazy crevices for mold to grow). And you want it not to leak (the worst).