Accessories to Upgrade Your Stroller

If you live in a city, and your stroller is your main mode of transportation, accessories will help it help you. Here’s everything you need to make strolling a breeze.

Stroller Organizer

Baby Stroller Organizers

Smartphone, keys, coffee, wipes. You want a place where all of these things are out of your hands and easily accessible. Enter the stroller organizer. Just make sure the one you choose is compatible with your ride.

Stroller Mittens

Stroller Mittens

If you’ll be strolling during winter months in a cold climate, stroller mittens are a must. They attach to the handlebars, so you can easily and quickly slip them out (much more so than wearing gloves or mittens).

Stroller/Car Seat Cover

Stroller seat cover

A winter-weight stroller/car seat cover means you don’t have to bundle baby in a plethora of winter layers (which he is guaranteed to poop in the minute you get that brutal task done). Simply dress in a cozy outfit and slip in the sleeping bag-like cover while out in the cold. Easy, peasy. 

Stroller Lock 

Stroller Lock 

Unfortunately, theft happens… even with strollers. If you’re planning to leave your stroller unattended in any situations, you may want to invest in purchasing a stroller lock just to be safe. 

Stroller Hook 

Stroller Hook

Sometimes the under basket storage of your stroller is just not enough. If you plan to take trips to the grocery store or shop with your little one in tow, a stroller hook can be a lifesaver for extra bags. 

On-The-Go Sound Machine

Portable Baby Sound Machine

If you’re planning on being out-and-about during nap time, a good on-the-go sound machine can help drown out the outside noise for your slumbering little one.