Pregnancy is an amazing blessing. We don't have to remind you of that, right? But let's be honest here: It's not easy. Between morning sickness, exhaustion, food restrictions, weight gain and the fact that you're responsible for carrying another human being inside you...the experience can put a lot of pressure on you. Literally and figuratively.

Our answer to this? #TreatYourself. As far as we see it, the best way to make the most of your pregnancy is to just make a commitment to not sweating the small stuff and showing yourself some love. And that means you can approach pregnant life differently than you approach the rest of your life.

So without further ado, if you're pregnant, it's totally ok if you...

Ease up on your workouts

While exercise is super beneficial for pregnant women (that is, provided your doctor has given you the green light to hit the gym!), it's totally acceptable to swap your high intensity go-to for a lighter workout. Your doctor can definitely give you some more specific guidelines about what you should and shouldn't be doing while you're expecting, but it's also super important to listen to your body and give it a break when it needs one. And it's also acceptable if you...

Count a long walk as a workout

It's great for your body, it gives you a chance to get some fresh air, and it may even help you manage some of your symptoms. It may not make you sweat, but it can totally count towards your weekly workout tally.

Eat ice cream for dinner

Not everyone gets morning sickness or food aversions, but if you're one of the unlucky ones, you may find that you just can't stomach certain things. You may also discover that for some crazy reason, ice cream (or cake or potato chips or cookies) totally agrees with you. And while you probably shouldn't make it a habit of it, if you pass over the dinner you cooked in favor of one of those things...well, we're not here to judge.

Sleep A LOT

Making a human is tiring! If you need to log naps, head to bed early, or sleep in way too late on the weekends, that's just fine. Actually, it's more than fine — it's a great way to give your body the rest it needs.

Think about what pregnancy will do to your body

Listen: Growing a human will change your body. It's natural. But what's also natural is the tendency to worry about whether you'll ever fit into your skinny jeans again. Here's what we say about this issue: You are not selfish for thinking about how you'll emerge from this experience. Yes, carrying and delivering a healthy baby is the main goal...but caring about your appearance is not off-limits once you become a mama.

Splurge on cute maternity clothes

Yeah, yeah, budgeting for baby is super important. But if you want to splurge on that pricey maternity dress that makes your bump look adorable? Do it! It's true: You may only wear it a few times...but if it helps you enjoy your pregnant body a bit more, it's worth it.

Look different than other women who are as far along as you

Is your bump way bigger or smaller than your friend who is due around the same time as you are? That's totally normal. No two pregnancies are the same, and no two pregnant bodies are the same. Need proof? Check out the hashtag for your week of pregnancy (so, for example, #16weekspregnant) and take in the amazing variety that's out there.

Aren't super on top of your pre-baby checklist

If you're a few weeks away from your baby shower and still not done with the registry, are still putting the finishing touches on your nursery a week before your due date, or in the middle of your stack of parenting books when your water'll all work out, we promise. Pregnancy can move quickly, so realizing you haven't done as much prep work as you'd envisioned is probably more common than you think.

Don't perfectly hit your weight gain target

Your doctor likely laid out some guidelines about how much weight you should gain through pregnancy at your first appointment. And we won't lie to you: Those numbers exist for a reason. But if you're slightly outside that range, remember: These are just guidelines and everyone is different. As long as your doctor isn't concerned, you should give yourself a break.

Cry for absolutely no reason

Pregnancy hormones are no joke. If they're making you way more irrational or emotional than normal, just remember this golden rule: Always blame the hormones. Always.

Experience gender disappointment.

And you certainly wouldn't be the first pregnant lady to feel this way.

Celebrate every single milestone

Want to go out for a fancy dinner to celebrate hearing your baby heartbeat for the first time? Go for it! Tempted to schedule a prenatal massage to kick off the start of your second trimester? Um, you've earned it. Want to throw an over-the-top gender reveal party? You do you, mama (and consider implementing this fun gender reveal idea!). It's all about finding the fun in what could easily become a really trying experience...and if that involves an elaborate photoshoot to commemorate the start of your third trimester, so be it.

A quick note: We're not your doctor, and you should always run any pressing questions by him or her. We don't know what's best for your individual situation and your baby! But here's what we do know: Pregnancy is challenging, and expectant mamas deserve some slack...and an indulgence here and there never hurt anybody. So be safe, follow the pregnancy rules, and take your doctor's advice — but don't forget to live your best {pregnant life} while you're at it.