If you're playing for team green — which essentially means you're choosing not to find out your baby's gender until he or she is born — you're in for a majorly fun moment after you deliver. But there's something else you're in for, at least until your babe arrives: The tricky task of decorating a nursery that's fit for a baby boy or a baby girl. #TeamGreen members aren't the only ones who love a gender-neutral look (it's trending!), and parents who want to prep for boy-girl twins or an opposite-sex little sibling may be scratching their heads about nursery prep too.

Not sure how to approach gender-neutral decor? We've got you covered. Check out these handy tips from guest blogger Lisa Janvrin, the founder and lead designer at YouthfulNest, who shared her top tips to decorating a beautiful gender neutral nursery.

First: Identify your style

Ask yourself: 'What kind of style makes me feel confident and happy?'. Look around the rest of your home for clues when trying to figure out your personal style preferences. Are you drawn towards a modern, traditional, coastal or an eclectic vibe? If your house isn’t speaking to you then go with the style you wish your home had.

Any style has the potential to be gender neutral if you approach it well. For example, you can create a very sweet, romantic baby boy nursery or a bold, modern nursery for a baby girl.

Think about what YOU want

When it comes to landing on your inspiration for the décor and details there is a tendency to think, “Oh, this is a 'baby room' so it should be babyish for the baby. He or she will adore all of those cutsey details.” — but I'd caution against this. Remember that for the first few years, you'll be the only one who has an opinion about the wallpaper, area rug or window treatments. By the time your little has an affinity for a particular color or favorite object it will be time to start transitioning into a big kid bedroom.

Pick a print

When it comes to inspiration for a cohesive motif, one easy way to keep things gender neutral is to work with graphic patterns like polka-dots, stripes and triangles. Other perfect options are things that are loved or enjoyed by both girls and boys such as animals, nature or even something fun like ice cream. Incorporating fun prints could be a great way to create a fun nursery that'll suit a little guy or a little lady.

Embrace a modern color palette

Let’s look beyond 'pink is for girls' and 'blue is for boys'. Today’s most on-trend nurseries work with more sophisticated or mature color combinations.

I love dreamy, muted, soothing color palettes in the baby’s room, layering in monochromatic neutrals with pops of fresh color. This is mainly because tons of bright, bold colors can overstimulate babies and mess with their ability to relax and sleep (and trust me, you don’t want to mess with a baby’s sleep). I love a crisp, bright white dotted with pops of cheerful yellow and sweet mint green. A yummy vision for a boy or girl. This is such a clean and serene color palette, but it feels fun and youthful at the same time.

I suggest going with those bright pops of color in décor pieces like wall art or crib bedding so they can easily be swapped out when you or your little one has decided it’s time for a change.

Consider black and white

Another favorite gender-neutral color palette is the bold statement only black and white can create. Not only is this color combo a chic, stylish choice, it's also a highly functional one, since experts say babies cannot see colors until they're about five months old. Prints and patterns in this color palette work well to stimulate brain growth and aid in visual development.

Remember you can still personalize

While a gender neutral nursery may omit the expression of your baby’s gender, it doesn’t need to be void of personal elements. There are many ways to add personal touches after your child is born with décor like personalized wall art. The Minted collection offers dozens of designs that can incorporate your child’s name. You could also incorporate his or her name with a custom laser cut name in wood (we love the options from Ever Laser Kids) or neon light (check out Brite Lite Tribe). Both are popular options for either a male or female babe.

Are you team green? If so, we hope all these tips will come in handy as you decorate your baby's very first room! All photos are courtesy of Lisa Janvrin.

About the author: Lisa Janvrin’s life and design career did not follow the straight and narrow. In fact, if her life and career were a fabric print it would resemble something more like a zig-zag pattern. The birth of her son and one late night conversation with old friends about doing what you love spurred another career zag—YouthfulNest. YouthfulNest is a virtual interior design experience that saves real, busy moms time designing a stylish room for baby or child. Lisa currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband Jimmy, son Luca and dog Zed the Weim.