Breastfeeding Must Haves

For something so natural, nursing can be a bit complicated: the latch, the letdown, the leaking, the pumping. Let us set you up for success with all the right accessories.

Breast Pump

Breast Pump

If you want your partner to handle some feeds or will be away from your little one for extended periods of time, you’ll need an electric breast pump. Pumping is also a good way to increase milk production.

P.S. Most insurance plans cover a pump, so check on your plan to see what your options are.

P.P.S. They now make wearable pumps, so you can attach and go about your business.

Breastfeeding Pillow

Breastfeeding Pillow

Getting into a comfortable position for you and baby can be oddly challenging. And no, regular pillows will not do the trick, which is why you need a nursing pillow that helps you get up close and personal with your little one.

Pumping Bra

Breast Pumping Bra

A hands-free pumping bra is a game changer, giving you the freedom to multitask or catch a few quick zzz’s while the pump does its thing.

Nipple Shield

Breast Pumping Nipple Shield

If baby isn’t latching, this silicone “nipple” goes over your own nipple to help make the connection happen. It could be that you have flat or inverted nipples, or your baby could be tongue tied. It can also be a helpful barrier if your nipples are cracked and painful, which often happens in the beginning.

Nursing Pads

Breast Pumping Nursing Pads

File this under things no one tells you about having a baby—but should. Your breasts will leak milk, which can lead to embarrassing wet marks on your shirt. That’s why you need nursing pads, which go into your bra to preserve your dignity.

Nipple Cream

Breast Pumping Nipple Cream

Nursing could be a bit painful in the beginning, which can lead to dry, cracked, bleeding nipples (lovely, huh?). Nipple cream to the rescue. Since the baby will be indirectly ingesting the cream, look for creams with as minimal ingredients as possible. You can’t go wrong with any of the below.

Milk Storage Bags

Breast Milk Storage Bags

What to do with all that milk (i.e. pure gold) that you pump? Efficiently store it in durable, BPA-free storage bags that go in the fridge or freezer.

Nursing Bras 

Nursing Bras 

Your breasts will go through quite a few changes postpartum. Buying the right nursing bra will help provide comfort for potential engorement or tenderness. Plus, they make nursing so much easier by providing easier access to your breast vs. some of your other everyday bras.