Our Story

Monica + Andy is a family destination for joyful design and helpful resources.

“Family life is a celebration. We’re here to support that every step of the way.”

— Monica Royer (CEO)

Monica + Andy was born in a delivery room, not a boardroom. As Monica Royer held her newborn daughter in her arms, she wanted nothing more than complete confidence that what touched her baby’s skin was the softest, safest fabric available.

That spark of inspiration led Monica to team up with co-founders Andy and Brian to launch Monica + Andy in 2015. With her daughter on her hip, Monica moved among production lines, shipping centers, design tables and meeting rooms—all while remaining resolute in her goal of creating garments with the most trustworthy fabric in the world.

Like that newborn baby who started it all, Monica + Andy has grown. We are proud to now offer holistic parenting experiences that include high-quality clothes, premium products, engaging events, and more. And, as in those early days, Monica’s daughter is often by her side… Only now she’s contributing her own great ideas.

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We are

Our Company

As a minority run company, (Monica is a 1st Generation Indian American) we believe in making thoughtful products that are for everyone.

We are a proud team of 95% women and 80% mothers. We care deeply about motherhood and championing women in all walks of life.

From The Earth

Using the softest GOTS, (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Organic Fabrics, we have become the choice of 1,000,000+ parents for their child’s first hello.

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We offer the softest fabrics possible. All of our products are thoughtfully designed down to every last detail. We have you and your family's needs in mind to ensure maximum comfort and ease.

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We do extensive category-leading testing standards to ensure all fabrics and products are safe for all, as well as stand up to rigorous repeat washing over the items lifecycle.

Monica holding a cup of tea
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