How do I get started with my registry?

Navigate to the main registry homepage and complete a brief questionnaire to personalize your registry. Please reach out to if you need assistance getting started.

Does the Monica + Andy registry work with every store & product?

Yes! The Monica + Andy Baby Registry is universal which means you can add items from any store.

There are a few ways to easily add any item. Once you create your account and select build registry, you can select “Add Item” and it will provide the following options:

  • Install the M+A button to your browser. Once you are on the item product page select the button, adjust the way you would like the product to be shown and save.
  • Add direct links from another online store to your registry.
  • Import a gift or registry from another store.

Please reach out to if you need assistance.

Can I prioritize the items I would like the most on my registry?

Yes! Once you add an item to your registry you can select “Must Have” and this will be shown to your guests. You can also move your gifts to show them in your desired order for guests to browse.

How do I add a group gift to my registry?

Select the item you would like to add to your registry. This will take you to the product page where you can select “Group Gift”.

How much will shipping cost?

Standard shipping policy applies for items shipped via Monica + Andy. For items purchased from 3rd party stores, shipping rates will vary and are subject to the third party store. Additional shipping costs may apply to orders outside the contiguous U.S. >

Can I add a cash fund to my registry?

Yes! There are two ways to add a cash fund to your registry. You can add a cash fund from the checklist section of the registry and from the Add Item button.

Please reach out to if you need assistance.

Is my address shared with guests or third party vendors?

No, we do not share your personal information with any third party vendors. Your address will be viewable to guests if they choose to gift you product directly from your registry.

Are there any fees when choosing cash in lieu of the gift?

There is a standard 3% processing fee deducted from all cash transactions.

How do I share my registry?

First you will need to set your registry as “public”. Once this is completed you can share with friends and family using the social media icons to your desired platform. You will also have access to a shareable link for email, etc.

How do I return a gift?

Returns will be processed directly by the retailer where the gift was purchased. If you purchased from then you will be able to return directly with Monica + Andy. Returns are subject to our standard return policy.

How will funds be transferred to my bank account and how long will it take?

The funds will be transferred via ACH to the bank account provided by the registrant. It will approximately take 1-2 business days to process.

A 3% fee will be deducted from all transfers to cover credit card and transfer processing fees.

Please find our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here.

How long will my registry stay active?

Your registry will remain active until you deactivate your account.

Can you add gift cards from other stores?

Yes! You can absolutely add gift cards to your registry (just like any other product) or you can also add cash funds as a more flexible equivalent option.

Can I scan products using a physical barcode to add items to my registry (in-store)?

Currently, we do not have this feature available. You can only add items to your registry digitally.

Do you offer gift wrap + gift notes?

Options vary depending on products registered, the retailer, and registrants preference of delivery. Please reach out to with any specific questions.

Can guests find me by searching on M+A registry?

Yes, once your registry is public, guests are able to search for your registry in “Find Registry”.