Family Photography with Simply By Suzy

Beloved family and baby photographer, Suzy Brown, teaches you how to photograph your children — while building a deeper connection to your life

This 4-part video class includes:
  • learning to use your camera
  • mastering light
  • setting up authentic moments
  • editing, protecting & printing your pictures

Plus, a bonus lesson to help you develop a deeper connection with your family.

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What You'll Learn

  • Part 1: Understanding Your Camera

    Learn the basics of photography and how to use your camera.

    • Get sharper pictures

    • Make pictures brighter or darker

    • Composition basics

    • How to use lenses

  • Part 2: Lighting

    Learn how to see and work with the light around you.

    • Lighting basics

  • Part 3: Setting Up Authentic Moments

    Learn to set up, anticipate, and capture moments that are authentic and real.

    • How to photograph newborns in the hospital

    • How to photograph newborns at home

    • How to photograph toddlers

    • How to take pregnancy bump self portraits

  • Part 4: Edit, Print & Protect Your Pictures

    Learn how to transfer images to your computer, make edits, and protect your images so you never lose them to a hard drive crash. Finally, learn how to curate and print an unforgettable album.

    • How to transfer & edit images

    • How to protect images

    • How to print images

  • Bonus Videos: Making Connections

    Being more connected with yourself and your family are the keys to ensuring that photography time is fun for everyone and that you're capturing beautiful pictures.

    • Connection & gratitude

    • Connection with your children

    • Connection with your partner

    • Connection with yourself

    • Your new rules for photographing your family