The Karina Method’s Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition & Wellness Download


Chicago-based Certified Integrative Nutritionist and Celebrity Health Coach, Karina Heinrich, shares research-backed advice (& first-hand experience) on the nutritional advantages during pregnancy, breastfeeding and losing the unwanted pregnancy pounds that are no longer needed.

This Downloadable 5-Part Video and PDF Program Includes

  • Top Foods to Eat While Pregnant
  • Cleaning Out Toxins and Chemicals
  • Breastfeeding Diet Recommendations
  • Mental Wellness
  • Best Foods for Best Sleep
  • Finding The Calm Through Meditation
  • Body Post Baby: The Karina Method’s “High, Low, Lean, No” Nutritional Rules
  • Body Post Baby: What to eat and what to skip to jumpstart weight loss
  • Body Post Baby: Exercise
  • Printable Grocery List
  • The Karina Method Favorite Recipes

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What You'll Learn

  • Part 1: During Pregnancy

    Learn the top foods to eat while pregnant.

    • Learn which chemicals and toxins you should eliminate from your diet and household

    • Detailed informational videos throughout this lesson

  • Part 2: Breastfeeding Diet Recommendations

    Learn the best foods to eat to support breastfeeding.

    • Learn what foods to eliminate while breastfeeding

    • Detailed informational videos throughout this lesson

  • Part 3: Mental Wellness

    Learn the foods to eat for better sleep.

    • Learn to find your calm using Mindfulness Meditation

    • Detailed informational videos throughout this lesson

  • Part 4: Body Post-Baby

    Learn what The Karina Method is and how to add “High Low Lean No” Nutritional rules to your diet.

    • Learn the best and safest foods for healthiest weight loss (even while breastfeeding)

    • Learn the best lifestyle tips to jumpstart weight loss

    • Learn which exercises should be added to your day for best results

    • Detailed informational videos throughout this lesson

  • Part 5: The Karina Method Grocery List And Favorite Recipes

    Includes printable The Karina Method Shopping List, printable full page recipes, and recipe videos