Pregnancy tends to get a bad reputation, and we're not here to sugarcoat it: Carrying a baby can be tough. Some people certainly have it harder than others, but let's not forget: It's a pretty magical experience, despite all its difficulties!

Aside from the obvious upside (the beautiful baby in your belly!), there are quite a few things that are enjoyable during pregnancy. It's easy to forget it when you're dealing with a hard day, but it's important to not lose sight of those things...because at the end of the day, pregnancy is short, and it's worth appreciating while you have it (we swear!).

So here are ten reasons to love being pregnant.

You have a pretty good reason to #treatyourself

With a caveat: You probably don't want to give into every decadent craving, but when you feel that urge to eat a bowl of ice cream at midnight...well, let's just say you don't have to wake up feeling guilty about it if you choose to treat yourself. After all, your body does need some extra calories...and you can always justify it by telling yourself you're replacing the sugar you'd ordinarily get from a glass of wine, right?

The special treatment can be pretty nice

Walk around sporting a baby bump and suddenly people are all about helping you: Strangers will hold doors, offer to carry your bags, and even stop you to say congratulations on the street. All that attention may start to feel overwhelming but just remember: It's temporary and you deserve it. So enjoy it while you can!

The bump presents a fun fashion challenge

Styling the bump isn't always easy, but it sure is fun! There are so many cute maternity-specific options out there these days, but you can definitely make non-maternity options work, too. You'll probably even rediscover some pieces in your own wardrobe that feel completely different when you're working with a bump. Our advice? Flaunt it while you've got it, because you may even miss it when it's gone.

Baby kicks are pretty magical

It's something you need to experience to understand...and something you'll only experience while pregnant. This part of pregnancy may even make your partner feel a little envious of the bond you and your little babe get to share.

Doctor's appointments are finally fun

Let's be real: Going to the doctor can be a bit of an inconvenience throughout most of your life. But when you're pregnant? Every appointment feels exciting (and maybe even a bit scary — but you can't beat the high you experience when you learn things are going well!). Each medical visit represents a step forward in your journey, and it's fun to cross one off at a time. And the ultrasound images of those little hands and feet? The best.

Technology makes the whole process exciting

Want to know which fruit matches your baby's size this week? There's an app for that. Want to document your baby bump, complete with cute images labeling each and every week of your pregnancy? There's an app for that too. Want to see how fellow expectant moms are looking/feeling through their own pregnancies? There's an app for that, too (it's called Instagram). Pregnancy is more well-documented than ever these days, and the tech tie-in can make the whole thing feel that much more celebratory.

You never have to suck it in

Belly bloat can make even the most secure among us feel self-conscious from time to time. But during pregnancy? There's really no need to do the whole suck-it-in routine. You have a pretty good reason to rock that belly with pride. Many women even report feeling more comfortable than ever in a bikini or formfitting dress while they're expecting.

Announcing your news is pretty special

Whether you do it on social media, through a series of in-person announcements, or via text, telling your loved ones you're expecting is truly memorable...and sometimes seriously emotional as well!

Having control over your baby's life is MAJOR (in a good way!)

Think about it: You're bringing a whole person into the world, and you get to shape the person your child becomes before he or she is even born. You choose a name. You set up the baby's first environment. It's all on you and your partner. Is it a huge responsibility? Oh yeah. But it's also a pretty incredible privilege. Thinking about who your baby will be is one of the most awe-inspiring parts of pregnancy...and even before you give birth, you'll realize the power of your maternal instincts.

You realize how miraculous the human body is

When you really stop to think about what's going on in your body at all times, it kind of blows your mind. Your body instinctively knows how to do all of it: From nourishing that baby, to growing to accommodate a new life, to actually giving's incredible. And we can promise you this: You'll never appreciate the process as much as you will during and after your own pregnancy.