Help your little fall in love with February 14th by trying out a few of these thoughtful Valentine's Day activities.

Cereal Box Heart Collage

This is a bonding activity you can do with your little for years to come. All you need is Acrylic Paint and some old cereal boxes! Help your kiddos cut out a mix of squares and hearts. Paint the squares and hearts in a rainbow of colors and tape them together! Compile all of them for a pretty piece of artwork for their rooms!

DIY Your Teacher Gifts

Your child's teacher or caregiver will feel oh-so-loved with a custom goodie bag—have your little hand draw their teacher a card, and fill a cute little pouch with a gift card for coffee, some chocolates, and heart sticky notes! Check out this cute DIY from Occasions by Shakira!


Have a Loved-Themed Reading Party

Snag a Valentine's Day book from your local library (or order one online—Amazon links below!), grab a pair of heart-shaped sunnies, and snuggle up for a love-filled reading sesh! This Valentine's Day bookshelf from Mallory Ervin is so cute! Here are a few of our favorite books:

  1. Moo Moo I Love You : Udderly perfect expressions of affection to share between any cow and calf: I love you no matter your moo-d. 
  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse! : Mouse loves his friends for how special each one is - Pig because she's strong, Cat because she's brave, Dog because he knows how to help his friends... But what Mouse doesn't realize is how much his friends love him too!
  3. Love From Giraffe's Can't Dance : The perfect purchase for Valentine's Day, bedtime, and all throughout the year, this lyrical book reminds readers to celebrate love, music, and dance!
  4. My Baby Loves Valentine's Day : In My Baby Loves Valentine's Day, celebrate all the lovely things that Baby discovers about Valentine's Day:
  5. Little Love : In this sweet, lovable story, Little One is showered with hugs and kisses until...poof! He becomes Little Love.


Plan a Special Outfit

Pow wow with your little on their favorite red and pink looks for school or daycare next week! Here are a few of our favorites:

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