Rob Royer
Founder and CEO, Interior Define
“Don't overthink how to parent — no-one has the perfect formula (or so I tell myself). If you're going to overthink anything, focus on how much time you can carve out to spend with your kids.”


Bart Przyjemski
Founder, Noah Properties
“My advice would be to take it day by day. You can forget about planning ahead for anything as well! Just enjoy every moment spent with your child because the time really does fly by.”


Matt Roan
DJ and Entrepreneur
Capture as much as you want with your phone then PUT IT AWAY. Luella is going to be three in less than two months and then going to full time pre-school in the fall. I cannot believe it. Our baby grew up SO fast and you really don’t want to waste these first couple years looking at Twitter.” 


Brad Kopitz
CEO, Artifact Uprising
“Make time for your wife/husband. It's SO easy to become wrapped up in your newborn that you completely forget about one another. Even if it’s just a quick coffee or a meal away from the house, getting a friend to watch your baby to get a few minutes together alone is so important in the first months. It makes you better parents and makes your relationship with your significant other that much stronger!”


Fabio Viviani
Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur + Cookbook Author
“The first time I held my son in my arms after her was born, I came to the realization that my whole life, my whole existence, was never going to be about me any longer. He’s most precious thing I have and he’s the one that makes me the happiest.'