It’s no secret—we can’t give enough mama love.

In fact, we try to find ways to celebrate moms all year long. And Mother’s Day just gives us one more reason to do something special for you all. This year we’re giving a special shout out to all of our “soon-to-be” moms. Even though your baby is not swaddled in your arms just yet, this day is for you too.

That’s why on Instagram we’re giving away a $250 Modern Layette Cuddle Box packed with all the newborn essentials you’ll need from day one.

And below we’ve asked some of our favorite seasoned mamas for their best bits of advice, perspective, and motivation. It’s our little way of welcoming you to motherhood.

After all, as you’ll soon find out, we all get by with a little help from our mommy friends.

Happy Mother’s Day.



“I just tried to enjoy it! Keep active and have fun with it. And it’s a cliche, but enjoy those last moments of freedom and SLEEP!”

Andrea Linett

Creative Director + Brand Consultant + Author + Mom


“Let go of your expectations entirely. The first 100 days are messy, full of love, but oh so messy too. Just be, enjoy the moment and don't worry too much about the little things like nap and feeding schedules. It all comes together in the end.”

Ana-Maria Klizs

Blogger at Bluebird Kisses + Mom

“Try to make every moment into an opportunity to have fun instead of getting stressed! It's too miraculous a time to not enjoy it.”

Patricia Chang

Handbag Designer + Mom

“Be gentle with yourself. Some days are going to be great and some days are going to be really hard... The days that test your patience will make you a better mom and eventually you'll wish you could relive the days that felt impossible.”

Liz Adams

Sequins & Stripes Blogger + Mom


“In the first 3 months the most important self care is sleep. Choose sleep over everything. Sleep will heal you. Get a sitter if you can and sleep.”

Amri Kibbler

Founder, Heymama + Mom

“Hopefully you have a good partner or a friend who is helping you and tell them you need a mani/pedi and a good long nap once in a while. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. You’re going to need it! You’re definitely a better parent when you don’t neglect yourself entirely.”

Andrea Linett

Creative Director + Brand Consultant + Author + Mom