Young Black Dad And His Adorable Infant Child Relaxing Together At Home

When a friend, family member, or partner becomes a dad for the first time, it’s a momentous occasion worth celebrating—not just on the day he meets his baby, but also on his first Father’s Day.

So, what’s the best gift to get the remarkable new dad in your life?

In this guide, we’ll explore our top five new dad Father’s Day gifts that are sure to knock any dad’s socks off and make this year one to remember.

#1: Matching Family Outfits

What’s a better present than the gift of matching family outfits? Gift the new dad in your life a matching outfit set both he and Baby can enjoy. Whether you’re looking for everyday attire or something to get cozy in, Monica + Andy has you covered. Unwind in matching pajamas or coordinate this year’s Christmas card early in matching family outfits.

#2: Lovevery The Play Gym

When you have a new baby, all you want to do is play with them. In fact, spending quality bonding time with your little one is one of the many joys of parenthood. Plus, playtime is beneficial to babies, too, since it:1

  • Helps your baby’s brain make new connections
  • Teaches your baby about how objects work
  • Lets your tot explore and acquire skills
  • Provides your baby with coping skills to handle stress

This Father’s Day, consider combining playtime benefits with memory-making by gifting the new dad in your life the Lovevery Play Gym. From the dangling toys to the baby-safe teethables, this play gym has everything babies need to develop their brain and fine motor skills.

Plus, it will ensure Dad and Baby make memories that will last a lifetime—and that’s truly a priceless gift.

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#3: The DockATot Portable Changing Mat

The new father in your life will learn pretty quickly that diaper duty is a 24/7 job. Fortunately, with a portable changing mat, Dad can take his diaper changing skills on the road without having to worry about whether the public restrooms available will have changing tables of their own.

The DockATot Clutch Changer is small enough to fit into any diaper bag or backpack, but stylish enough to carry on its own. It even features pockets and pouches to hold all of those new dad must-haves, like wet wipes, snacks, and pacifiers.

Functional and fashionable? That gets our new dad's stamp of approval.

#4: Llama Soft Book

Do you look back fondly on your memories of storytime with dad before he tucked you into bed at night? Let the new dad in your life pass this same tradition on to his baby by gifting him our Llama Soft Book. You can bundle these along with the best toys for baby development and other baby books as well.

It’s the perfect first book for Baby and Dad because:

It’s interactive – Dad can take storytime to the next level with this interactive book. The soft texture means Baby can play with this book as Dad reads it. Not to mention, the squeaky toy, baby-safe mirror, and crinkly textures will keep Baby’s brain active and engaged throughout the entire story.

It’s washable – This book is in it for the long haul. Even if Baby thinks the book is more fun to eat than it is to read, Dad can easily wash the fabric and have it looking as good as new in no time.

#5: Calisson Sophie So'pure Bath Toy

Looking for fun Father’s Day gift ideas? Nothing says joy and delight like splashing around in the sink with your new baby. But if the new dad in your life wants to make baby bath time even more enjoyable, consider gifting him the Calisson Sophie So'pure Bath Toy.

It’s a fantastic gift idea because it’s:

Baby safe – If you’re putting a toy in the sink or tub with your child, you want to make sure that they can safely teethe on it. Fortunately, the Calisson Sophie So'pure Bath Toy is 100% natural rubber, which means it’s also 100% safe for your little darling.
Mold resistant – Unlike other bath toys, this toy has a water-tight design that keeps water out of the toy and prevents bacteria and mold from forming. This means it can serve as a fun gift that keeps on giving for countless bath times to come.

Not only is this toy baby-safe and hygienic, but it also features a smiling giraffe face and an easy-to-grip ring design that makes it an adorable bathtime companion.

Have an Unforgettable First Father’s Day with Monica + Andy

A dad’s first Father’s Day is a beloved memory that he can only experience once. So, make it one to remember with a thoughtful Father’s Day gift that both he and his little bundle of joy will both love.

And when it comes time to finding that perfect gift? That’s where Monica + Andy comes in.

At Monica + Andy, we want to help you create those long-lasting family memories. That’s why we offer fun, practical, and ethically-made products for all of the dads, moms, and babies in your life.

From bath toys to give as baby gifts made of natural materials to clothes made of GOTS certified organic cotton, our wide selection of baby care products makes it possible for you to find great gifts—for Father’s Day and beyond. Shop Monica + Andy today.


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