If you're an expectant parent, we have one piece of advice for you: you need a vacation. It doesn't matter if you find the term 'babymoon' kind of silly — a pre-baby trip is such an important way for to-be parents to make some memories (and stay in one last crib-free hotel room!) before they welcome their new addition.

But depending on your situation, this may not be the time for a far-flung exotic vacation. If you're pregnant, you may be nervous about straying too far from home (what if you NEED to call your doctor?!?!). Or maybe you're totally fine with overseas travel while pregnant....but you don't have enough vacation days for that kind of getaway. And then, of course, there's the possibility that you may be craving some beach time under the Carribean sun...but know you have to stay far, far away from the Zika virus.

The good news? You can definitely have an amazing babymoon without leaving the United States. These seven destinations are perfect picks for parents-to-be — and whether you're after some relaxation, a little culture, or a bit of adventure, the right choice for you is closer than you think. Here are seven great babymoon ideas to book stat. Have another suggestion we didn't list below? Leave in the comments below!

Scottsdale, Arizona

If you're looking to escape the cold at home, you can't go wrong with a Scottsdale trip. Scottsdale's winter weather is exactly what you need if you're looking to get away from the snow, and you can really customize the perfect vacation for your needs in this area. Hiking, golf, and swimming are ideal activities for a more active trip — or you could stick to spa visits, long meals and lazy pool days.

Ideal travel time: November - April.

New York, New York

While not exactly what you might picture when you think 'babymoon' (no picturesque beaches here!), the pre-baby period is actually the perfect time to visit a bustling city like New York. You can indulge in all those not-so-child-friendly activities (fancy dinners! Broadway shows! Late night city strolls!) and load up on grown-up culture before your days are packed with nursery rhymes and Sesame Street episodes.

Ideal travel time: March - December.

Santa Monica, California

With gorgeous beaches, a laid-back West Coast vibe, and an incredible 22-mile bike trail, Santa Monica is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway....but it's still close enough to downtown Los Angeles in case you want to add a dash of big city fun to your trip. You may even spot a celebrity or two!

Ideal travel time: November-May.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Does curling up in a cozy cabin, watching the snowfall and drinking so much hot cocoa sound perfect to you? If so, consider Jackson Hole — while you probably want to avoid skiing if you're pregnant (as always, it's best to consult your doctor if you have any questions about activities you should avoid during pregnancy!), there's so much else to do here. With spas, shopping, and great restaurants at your fingertips, who needs the slopes?

Ideal travel time: December -March.

Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is the quintessential U.S. babymoon destination for great reason — it is, in a word, stunning. Maui is an amazing place to visit if you're after a romantic, relaxing getaway in paradise. Lounging on the beach, sipping fresh pineapple juice, watching perfect sunset after perfect sunset....it sounds pretty ideal, doesn't it?

Ideal travel time: September - April.

Stowe, Vermont

If you've been fielding serious ice cream cravings through your pregnancy, this is where you want to go — Stowe is close to the Ben and Jerry's headquarters, which offers guided ice cream tours and experiences. The town itself is lovely and charming — not to mention home to Topnotch Resort, which is known for its babymoon package (which includes a spa service and special 'midnight cravings' late-night snack assortment).

Ideal travel time: December - March.

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you'd love to plan a European vacation but can't seem to find the time, a stop in New Orleans is your next best bet. The city feels so rooted in its own culture, you'd swear you left America when exploring its streets. The food is every bit as decadent and amazing as you've heard, the architecture is fascinating, and the live music offers up a great cultural experience. New Orleans has also earned itself a reputation as one of the most romantic cities in the world, and romantic is sort of the perfect ambiance for a babymoon.

Ideal travel time: September - May.