We were so excited when we heard Bridget O'Connor, Co-Founder DIY Playbook, was expecting and even more excited when she let us know she decided to build her layette with Monica + Andy!

As an expert on all things beautiful (and affordable) decor, we couldn’t wait to hear about what she has in store for her nursery. Read on for some major design inspo and watch her M+A Layette reveal below.

On finding out you were pregnant:
My husband and I felt incredibly blessed when we found out we were expecting. Of course we experienced just about every other emotion too, but grateful was definitely top on that list!

Biggest pregnancy craving:
Sweets! I’ve had more sweets throughout this pregnancy than I care to admit.

On finding out the gender:
I come from a family of all girls so for some reason I just assumed I was having a girl, too. When we found out we were expecting a little boy, I was shocked but so incredibly excited! I can’t wait to meet this little guy.

The most surprising thing about being pregnant:
How much your body changes. It’s pretty incredible to think your body is capable of such a miracle and watching my body go through so many changes (some not so pretty!) has been such a reminder of how amazing the whole process is.

Tell us about your nursery.
I wanted to create a space that this little guy can eventually grow into. I went with a lot of neutrals but tried to choose furniture and accessories that could work when he’s older or even in other parts of our home. We went with this vintage oriental-inspired rug and paired it with a pops of black. My all-time favorite item we’re adding to his space is this “Work Hard and Be Nice to People” print. This is a philosophy that’s very near and dear to my heart and my hope is to pass the importance of this simple message onto our little boy someday too!

Doula? Drugs? Planning on anyone else in the delivery room?
Quite honestly, I don’t have a birth plan…. not at all actually. I’m trying to enter my labor with no expectations. By nature, I’m a Type A planner yet I realize that some things in life, like labor, are out of my control. So I’m doing my best to expect the unexpected and focus on doing everything I can to bring a happy, healthy baby into this world.

Any thoughts on managing life with a newborn and work?
Can I report back when I figure that out? Haha, I’m not entirely sure just yet, but what I do know is that I have a pretty amazing group of people around me who will definitely be there to help me handle the transition. Without them, I don’t know how I would do it!


What’s your favorite thing about Monica + Andy’s products?
My favorite thing about Monica + Andy is how well each piece has been designed. Every detail has been accounted for. . . and these are things I would have never thought of as a new mom. For example, an adjustable hat to make sure the adorable newborn caps fits any baby? Or built-in booties and mittens on the newborn pieces so I don’t need to buy additional pieces? Or button-up fronts so the pieces don’t need to go over the baby’s head? I’m so grateful that the team at Monica + Andy have figured these things out for me. And on top of all of that, the pieces are classic and so darn adorable!

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