With Summer right around the corner, we all have outdoor gatherings on our mind. Whether your having neighbors over for a cookout, girlfriends over for some wine and charcuterie, or even just enjoying a cocktail alone on your patio, summer is a time for delicious food and drinks. And we are lucky enough to have a sommelier on our team to help us out with some recommendations. 

Kristie is our director of guideshops and strategy. She handles all the physical touch points of the brand, and we are so grateful to have her! Kristie also is a sommelier and enjoys diving into wine in her free time.

Here are Kristie's top 3 wine and cheese pairings for all your Summer gatherings:

Albariño + Manchego 

Trader Joe's Wine Recommendation: Raimat Albariño ($8.49)
Origin: Costers del Segre, Spain




Pairing Notes: 

  • Made with Organic grapes in the Northwest of Spain. Raimat was the first vineyard to create an Albariño wine from anywhere outside of Rias Baixas.
  • Setting trends with their sustainable growing methods, this Albariño is delightfully refreshing with an intense citrus aroma. There is a sweet hint of vanilla in this otherwise dry wine, offering a simple balance.
  • Enjoy cold with a nutty manchego cheese to bring out the salinity in the wine, or with delicious grilled fish for the perfect summer barbecue.

No matter how you enjoy this porch sipper, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Rosé + Seaside Cheddar 

Trader Joe's Wine Recommendation: Signal 7 Rosé ($17.99)
Origin: South of France, along the Mediterranean coast



Pairing Notes:

  • Made with Organic grapes in a sustainable Frugalpac paper bottle.
  • This Rosé is delicate and dry with a perfect hint of summer fruit. Enjoy the essence of watermelon, orange and strawberries in this beautiful pink wine.
  • Serve ice cold and pair with grilled burgers (mushroom burgers too), or a beautiful summer salad.
  • Also pairs great with salty cheeses, especially a rich seaside cheddar.


Beaujolais-Villages + Brie

Trader Joe's Wine Recommendation: Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages ($12.99)
Origin: Beaujolais, Burgundy, France




Pairing Notes:

  • A fruity, slightly floral wine with hints of spice, make this the perfect summer red.
  • Enjoy the ripe red cherries and raspberries on the nose with a hint of lingering smokiness, earth and violets on the palette.
  • Pairs perfectly with Brie and other soft french cheeses, grilled chicken, summer salads (especially with berries), and just about anything you throw on the grill!
  • It is a versatile light-bodied red, perfect for your summer soirees. Enjoy slightly chilled (about 55 degrees) and decanted if possible.

PRO TIP: If you store your wine room temperature, you can place this bottle in the refrigerator for 3-5 minutes to gain a slight chill prior to serving.


Looking for some Non-Alc options? Kristie's got you!

If you prefer a non-alcoholic option for wine (cough, cough expecting mamas), Kristie is sharing her favorite, and oh so cute, non-alcoholic wine brands.

  • TOST: All-natural, delicious, dry, sparkling alcohol-free beverages with white tea, white cranberry, elderberry, and ginger.
  • Ready to Pop: Ready to Pop Non-Alcoholic bubbly for the pregnant gal!
  • Surely: Made with the best alcohol-removed California wine.