Whether they’re a newborn having a delicate sponge bath or an older infant getting the day’s dirt and dinner delicacies scrubbed off their face, bath time is an essential part of keeping your baby clean and healthy.

Bath time for your baby is more than just a means to keep them clean. It’s also a calming time that encourages sensory exploration, learning, and play. With the right tools, parents can make certain that their baby’s bath is the best time of day for good, clean fun.

Keep reading for all the baby bath essentials for the best in bathtime bubbles, giggles, and fun.

How Often Should You Bathe A Newborn?

When your little one is new to the world, they only need a bath a few times a week at most (and an occasional extra in the case of a really bad diaper or spit-up explosion). Newborns typically only take sponge baths until the umbilical cord falls off, and after that, it's generally safe to submerge them in the baby bathtub, but it is best to consult your healthcare provider before doing so.

As they get older, more mobile, and more actively involved in exploring the world around them, you’ll likely begin bathing them more frequently. Starting solid food is another baby developmental milestone that might require extra scrubs—you’ll find smears of creamed spinach and sweet potato puree in every nook and cranny in no time.

Why Is Bath Time Important For Babies?

Beyond just keeping them squeaky clean, baths are an excellent way to bond with your baby as they interact with the world around them. Bath time encourages learning, growth, and safe exploration of their surroundings and body movements under the watchful eye of a caregiver.

Incorporating baths into an end-of-day routine can be a good way to help make your little one feel safe and secure as they become accustomed to the feel of the water and what comes after. Having an end-of-the-day bath before pajamas and a book will help your baby associate baths with winding down for the night, making it easier for them to fall asleep.


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Must-Have Items For Baby Bathtime

While the main purpose of a bath is to get them clean, there are numerous other developmental benefits associated with bath time.

If you’re prepping for your baby’s bath time, be sure to include all the best baby bath essentials to make it calm, peaceful, and fun. Here are our favorite bathtime must-haves that cover all the bases when it comes to baby bath essentials:

#1 Baby Tub

When bathing a newborn, you need a safe and supportive place to lay them down. A tub with removable newborn support will keep the baby secure until their muscles develop. Once a baby is able to sit unassisted, you can transition from using the newborn support to only the baby bath.

A baby bath that can carry you from newborn to infant and beyond, like the Stokke Flexi Bath Bundle, will make transitioning from supported bathing to sit-up tub play a breeze. The Stokke is flexible, lightweight, and perfect for traveling, and it even has a heat-monitoring marker to make sure the water is the perfect temp for your little one.

We don’t always have access to a full-size bathtub, so an adaptable baby bather like the Puj Soft Foldable Infant Bathtub is perfect for fitting in a sink. Sink baths are fun and keep your babe at just the right height, saving you from unnecessary kneeling and bending.

#2 Spout Cover

Slippery babies on the move in the tub increase chances for bumps and bruises. Protecting a little head from the sharp spout with a soft, cute cover means one less thing to worry about when having fun in the tub. The Puj Elephant Snug Spout Cover keeps their little heads safe from bruises while adding a fun animal friend to bath time.

#3 Gentle Baby Wash

When it comes to bath time, having the perfect baby wash is essential. Babies, especially newborns, have delicate and sensitive skin. Gentle baby wash keeps their skin moisturized and protected while keeping them squeaky clean. Look for soaps with natural and organic ingredients that will calm and soothe, like coconut oil or chamomile extract.

As they transition from newborns to older infants, using a non-toxic bubble bath will add another level of frothy sensory play to bath time they’ll love.

#4 Soft Washcloths

Delicate baby skin needs an extra soft washcloth for scrubbing off the day’s dirt and drool. When looking for baby towels and washcloths, choose a super soft, easy-to-hold, lightweight washcloth made from chemical-free natural fibers that will be gentle on their delicate skin. Washcloths are also useful when treating cradle caps, giving you a gentle way to rub the flakes.

Our Organic First Washcloth is perfect for newborn baths with its soft organic cotton, triangle mitt, and the cutest patterns like elephants and stripes. Plus, you can match them up with a cozy coordinating hooded towel.

#5 Rinsing Cup

When you’re ready to wash the shampoo out of your little one’s hair, have something on hand to gently pour clean water over your babe and get all the suds off. You can use any kind of vessel, but you can find some bath-specific rinsers designed with a curved edge that helps keep water out of your baby’s sensitive eyes.

#6 Baby Bath Toys

Once your infant is ready, toys make bath time infinitely more enjoyable for both of you. The best baby toys for bath time are non-toxic and safe for little teethers and provide positive sensory experiences that incorporate water play.

Here are a few of our favorite bath toys for infants:

  • Boats & Floats – Every bath needs a boat to sail the soapy waters. The Oli & Carol Origami Boat is a stylish and unique take on a classic sailboat that’s hygienic, non-toxic, and made from natural rubber.
  • Rubber Duck – Is a bath even a bath without a rubber duckie? The Oli & Carol Flo the Floatie is an adorable rubber duck and life preserver all in one with a safe, rubber beak they’ll want to chomp and a ring shape that’s easy for little hands to grip.

As they get older, they’ll love bath toys that stimulate their curiosity and imagination, making bath time the best time of the day to have fun and unwind for the night.

#7 Cozy Hooded Towel

Keep your baby warm and cozy when bathtime is over with a soft and fluffy hooded towel to dry them off. We put hats on newborns to keep their temperature regulated, and the same goes for towels after a bath. Hooded towels keep the heat in as their little bodies begin to adjust to the cooler temperature outside the tub.

With a variety of eye-catching patterns and colors and a comfy hood, our Organic Hooded Towel checks all the boxes when it comes to the best bath towels for babies.

#8 Baby Lotion

After a cuddly dry-off in their cozy towel, massage them with soothing baby lotion to lock in moisture and keep their skin silky soft. Even the most gentle baby washes can dry out the skin.

A natural lotion with only the best ingredients, like Esembly Everyday Balm, will hydrate and moisturize your baby safely. Use some lotion on your hands and arms after a bath as well—the nourishing benefits of organic unrefined coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E are good for everyone’s skin.

Baby Bath Time Tips

Here are a few reminders and tips to make bath time calm, safe, and fun for babies and parents:

  • Have all your supplies, including change of diaper and clothes, ready before starting bath time
  • Fill the tub with only a few inches of water
  • Check the water temperature—not too hot, and not too cold
  • Choose soap, baby wash, and bubble bath that won’t irritate their skin or eyes
  • Engage your baby with stories, songs, and interactive play

Keep Your Little One Clean And Happy With Monica + Andy

Baths provide a special bonding time for you and your baby. From suds and songs to splashes and scrubs, your baby’s bath time can calm and relax them at the end of the day and helps to establish and maintain important routines. The warm water, gentle scents, and comforting contact will make your little one feel safe and loved.

Find all the baby bath essentials you need for good clean fun with your little one with help from Monica + Andy. And once bath time is over, you’ll have just as much fun dressing your infant in organic cotton pajamas in the most adorable prints like pizza, zebras, and stripes. We have cute organic clothing options for the whole family, too, so you can keep them in your favorite pizza print even after they grow too big for the baby tub.


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