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Baby Girl Shower Ideas

Baby Girl Shower Ideas

Congratulations… it’s a girl!

When you have a beautiful baby girl on the way, it’s only right to throw a remarkable party. Share your joy with loved ones by planning a baby shower! It’s the perfect way to get excited for your sweet angel’s arrival.

To make your party unforgettable, we’ve assembled the most delightful, fantastical, and girl-powered cute baby shower themes for your little one. Get inspired by (or add your own twist to) these fun baby shower ideas for girls.

#1 Garden Party

From royal to whimsical, a garden party is always in style. After all, your little one is “budding” soon! With this classic-themed baby shower, you get the best of beautiful florals, tasty treats, and charming decor for an afternoon of delight.

The best part? You can go as simple or fancy as you’d like, from backyard affairs to botanical garden bashes. Once you have an outdoor venue in mind, grow the garden party shower of your dreams with these creative and cute baby shower themes:

  • Alice in Wonderland – For a kooky twist, throw a Mad Hatter-style garden party. Alice in Wonderland adds a unique spin on the traditional garden party theme, adding touches of whimsy and abstract visuals. For decor, try some mismatched plates, abstract or optical illusions, and plenty of hearts. You can even add the phrase “eat me” to any mushroom dishes, little cakes, or tea sandwiches.
  • Victorian Tea Party – If you love an excuse to get dolled up, throw a fancy Victorian-era tea party. Assemble bite-sized appetizers on a tower serving tray (think tea sandwiches and petit fours), find a china tea set, and pull out every lacy doily you’ve got. A few bouquets of flowers displayed in open teapots will seal the deal.
  • Floral Paradise – Beautiful and lush, florals are the perfect symbol for your blooming little girl. First, choose a floral that represents new life, such as hydrangeas, peonies, daffodils, or baby’s breath.1 Then, create a picture-worthy backdrop with a floral wall piece or by hanging paper flower “vines.” Refreshments can include floral-flavored drinks and flower-shaped cookies—all served on tables with floral centerpieces.
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#2 Enchanted Fairytale

Your baby girl is a magical gift—and she (and her parents) deserves an equally magical celebration.

With a little pixie dust, you can transform any backyard or park into an enchanted fairytale setting. Your guests will be full of childlike wonder as they experience your magical world. For a soon-to-be princess, give a feminine touch with elements that add sparkle, brightness, and color:

  • Refreshments – Think of fairy-sized food for your guests, such as cake pops, mini quiches, meringues, and star-shaped tea sandwiches. Of course, pixie-approved colors like purple, pink, and gold are encouraged for food (and a little edible glitter looks magical). For drinks, fizzy mocktails and fresh juices provide plenty of color and flavor.
  • Decor – Bring the magical forest to your party with natural elements like fake grass, dried flower bouquets, branches, and toadstool centerpieces. Add some balloons to create a whimsical touch, especially in purple, pink, white, or gold. To complete the enchanted mood, string up plenty of fairy lights around your table or any ceiling if indoors.
  • Activities – For a creative activity, have guests make their own fairy potions. Give each guest an empty glass bottle, and let them layer different colored glitters to make a cute keepsake. You can also have guests write their “fairy godmother” wishes for the parents-to-be on a piece of stationary.

#3 Pink-alicious Party

For a simple yet stunning shower, lean into the universal color for baby girls—pink!

Historically, pink actually wasn’t a “girl color” until the 20th century.2 However, we’re still big fans of embracing this fun shade. A pink-alicious party streamlines all of your decor choices without sacrificing style. Even better, its simplicity gives you room to play around.

Consider these choices for a pink-tastic baby shower:

  • Choose your main shade of pink (hot pink, baby pink, magenta, etc.)
  • Add a touch of contrasting shades (orange, gold, or red work best)
  • Pink-ify all plateware, cutlery, and party supplies
  • Pick pink florals like roses, begonias, carnations, or dahlias
  • Glamorize your decor with tissue paper, pom-poms, and balloons
  • Serve naturally pink foods (watermelon, strawberries, beets, etc.)
  • Decorate any treats in pink, if possible
  • Refresh with pink drinks like punch or juice
  • Give guests a pink keepsake, such as a rubber duck, candle, or bottle opener

#4 Under the Sea

Want a head start on baby playtime practice? Indulge your mermaid dreams with an Under the Sea shower. As your own little mermaid grows her tail, you can bring the beauty of the sea to her celebration with these aqueous baby shower themes:

  • Refreshments – Arrange a winning display of cookies or cupcakes decorated as seashells, starfish, fish, and mermaids. For savory snacks, go for seafood dishes like shrimp cocktails, crab cakes, or sushi (including seafood-free options for those who can’t partake). As a cute beverage, dye a mocktail as blue as the sea.
  • Decor – Let the ocean be your color guide. Center your decor around blues, greens, and teals, followed by a bright feminine accent in coral pink or purple. Then, build your oceanic paradise. Strew sand and seashells across a table, hang wave-like streamers from the ceiling or table, and create a “bubble” arch with clear balloons.
  • Activities – For a fun twist on refreshments, play the sea-inspired game “Melt the Baby.” Freeze a tiny baby figurine (or baby sea animal figurine) inside an ice cube to serve with one of your party beverages. As guests sip on their beverages, the figurine will soon reveal itself in one of their drinks. Whoever gets the figurine wins a prize!

#5 Ladybug Party

What better theme for the new lady in your life than lady-bugs? These adorable creatures provide a blueprint for your shower decor, filled with plenty of red, black, and polka dots. Take the theme to the next level with these ladybug-inspired choices:

  • Make ladybug cutouts from red and black cardstock for your table
  • Glue black or red pom-poms to any toothpicks for your appetizers
  • Create ladybug jar centerpieces with red and black candy, topped with googly eyes
  • Bake ladybug cupcakes, complete with red icing and piped polka dots
  • Set a ladybug-patterned backdrop for photos
  • Hang red and black streamers from the ceiling or a table
  • For guests, give out pins that say “The Lady-Bug Club”

#6 Solar Power

The brand new little girl is about to become her parents’ sun, moon, and stars. Celebrate the new center of the universe with a solar power shower!

With the planets at your disposal, you have endless options for baby shower decorations. For moms who may not be sure of their baby’s gender yet, this is an excellent neutral theme. Carve out your own galaxy with these solar-powered baby power ideas:

  • Refreshments – Create an edible galaxy with decorated cookies iced to resemble the planets. For extra points, you can even assemble them in a solar system formation or hang them from a mobile. Mimic planet colors with kebabs of colorful fruits, or channel the sun with a fresh orange juice mocktail. As a centerpiece and treat, a candy-filled planet cake will stop the show when cut open.
  • Decor – For your table, lay down a black tablecloth and strew glitter star cutouts across the surface. Then, harness the power of the sun and moon with blue and gold balloon bunches. For extra touches, hang mobile sun and moon cutouts from the ceiling or the edges of your table. You can even add hanging lights for a galaxy-level glow.
  • Activities – Send guests home with their own planet! Offer each guest a styrofoam sphere to decorate with spray paint, glitter, and other materials. They’ll have a beautiful keepsake to remember your party and to celebrate all future wonders of their universe.

#7 Bun in the Oven

For baby girls, a Bun in the Oven is the perfect excuse for sweet treats and even a gender reveal! To celebrate the little bun “rising,” whip up a sweet party with these baby shower ideas:

  • Refreshments – No Bun in the Oven theme is complete without some baked buns. Go savory and throw a cookout shower with plenty of hot dogs and hamburgers. For sweet choices, pick any fillable pastry like a bun, doughnut, or muffin. Use a pink filling in each pastry as a gender reveal or an extra touch of decor.
  • Decor – As an open theme, Bun in the Oven is up to your interpretation! You could decorate like a bakery, complete with overflowing bread baskets and bags of confetti “flour.” You could also go for a honey bun theme and decorate it with bee colors. Add little bee cutouts and honey jars for a sweet touch.
  • Activities – Another gender reveal idea? Keep pink balloons in a large box and release them for a surprise. You can also give your guests individual balloons that are filled with confetti to pop together.

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