babies in Halloween Costumes

The candy bowls are filled, a pumpkin patch trip is planned, and decorations are adorning the front door. You’re ready for Halloween night, except for one last thing: how do you decide if your baby will be a scrumptious snack or the cutest baby animal at the zoo? How about a Star Wars-themed costume or even dressing your baby as Harry Potter?

When choosing your baby’s first Halloween outfit, the possibilities are nearly endless, and it may be hard to narrow your options. After all, you only get your first Halloween costume once. So better make it memorable and cute! The next thing you know, you'll also be planning the baby's first Thanksgiving outfit.

Not to fear, Mama! Save the worrying for when the monsters come out at dusk—we’re here to be your baby costume guide. Read on to learn how to choose a costume and explore some of our favorite baby Halloween costume ideas so you can celebrate your little one’s first Halloween with cuteness, comfort, and style.

Tips For Choosing Baby’s First Halloween Costume

If you’re a die-hard Halloween lover, you’ve probably been mulling over adorable baby costume ideas since your first sonogram. However, we have a few ideas (as well as some helpful tips) you can consider when choosing a first Halloween costume for your newest family member:

  • Dress them for warmth – October can be chilly in most parts of the country, so make sure you keep your baby warm from head to toe. Newborns especially need to keep their extremities covered, so if you’re planning any Halloween activities outside of the home, look for a costume that can incorporate mittens and a cap!
  • Consider a mommy and me costume – For babies that love being close to mom at all times, try a mommy and me costume that incorporates the unique positioning of your baby in a carrier, such as a chef with a lobster pot, a burglar with a money bag, or a scuba diver with an octopus.
  • Try a group costume – If you keep Halloween all in the family, consider a group costume that incorporates your baby in unique ways. For instance, if your baby has siblings, they might need a tiny superhero sidekick. Whether your family is into ghouls and goblins or fairytales and magic, include your baby in a group costume the whole gang can get excited about. The more creative you are, the more memorable this first Halloween will be for everyone involved.
  • Pick a costume that multitasks – Try incorporating clothing that can be worn again (such as printed pajamas) when putting together your baby’s costume. You can create a DIY costume by adding some flair to one-pieces or separates for a photo-ready Halloween outfit that can easily transition into practical daily wear. For instance, try pairing a tiny cowboy hat with a traditional flannel shirt!

  • Plan for baby-friendly fun – While your baby may be too young to beg all of your neighbors for candy, you can still celebrate Halloween with some baby-friendly fun, like hosting a movie night or going to a kid-friendly Halloween event at your local zoo or park. Just remember to keep your planned activities in mind when considering a costume, especially if you’ll be out and about.
  • Make sure you have the camera ready – Depending on your little one’s developmental age, they may not be wearing a full costume for very long. Be ready to snap a picture of the full ensemble before they move into meltdown mode. First Halloween costumes are perfect photo opportunities, and you’ll cherish the memory as they grow.
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Top 13 Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

There are so many options to choose from when trying to decide on the best baby Halloween costume for your baby. You could combine the cuteness powers of babies and animals for a wild kingdom costume that’s photo-op ready or transform your little one into a precious meal that’s good enough to eat. A nature-inspired plant theme or an enchanting fantasy creature theme are also adorable options for your baby’s first Halloween costume.

So, how do you narrow it down?

Here are thirteen of our best ideas for cute, functional, and easy-to-assemble costumes for your baby’s first Halloween.

Costume Idea # 1: Pumpkin

Classic and simple, a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern is the quintessential Halloween costume. All you need to do is dress your infant in orange and top them with a green top-knot hat (because every pumpkin needs a stem).

Then, take them to a pumpkin patch and have a first Halloween photo-op!

Costume Idea #2: Bumblebee

Buzz, buzz! A bumblebee is a perfect costume for your sweet little honey bee. Plus, it’s easy to assemble.

Simply pair a black and yellow striped top with black baby pants and yellow socks, and add wings and an antennae headband (stinger optional).

Costume Idea #3: Elephant

Lions and tigers and elephants, oh my! Dress your baby in an adorable elephant costume this Halloween. Don’t have an elephant costume? Get creative and start with a solid gray moto romper and add fuzzy booties. Attach ears and a trunk to the baby romper hood and, voila! You suddenly have the tiniest elephant of all time (who will never forget how much you love them).

Costume Idea #4: Strawberry

What could be sweeter than dressing your sweetie as a delicious strawberry?

Try a head-to-toe strawberry print, including a printed top knot cap and a matching one-piece, and add warm booties and mittens. Your baby will happily go from party to nap in this comfy and adorable costume combo.

Costume Idea #5: Deer

The neighbors are sure to fawn over your little deerling when you put them in an adorable deer costume. Pair a neutral knotted gown (you can also use a one-piece or a top and bottom set) with soft, neutral booties and a tan headband.

Add a few felt spots and some ears and antlers, and you’ll have yourself a precious new forest friend.

Costume Idea #6: Puppy Dog

Put the “awws” in paws when you dress your baby in a dog costume. Include the whole family this year in embroidered crewnecks with cute golden retrievers on the front. Add ears for everyone, and you’re ready to beg for treats!

Costume Idea #7: Unicorn

Mythical beasts make for excellent costumes, and the unicorn is no exception. To bring this magical costume idea to life, start by picking your favorite pastel outfit or a glittery onesie. Then, all you need to do is add a horn! Your baby will truly be a one-of-a-kind fantasy creature.

Costume Idea #8: Pizza

The easiest food translates into the easiest costume. Transform your baby into the most delicious piece of pizza with an organic pizza day costume. And be sure to ask for extra cheese when it’s time to take pictures!

Costume Idea #9: Tree

If you feel like branching out with your baby’s Halloween costume idea, start with a leaf print one-piece romper to evoke fall vibes. Then, add some leaves to a headband and give your little one some sticks to hold (for the photo only).

If you get the entire family involved, you can be a family tree!

Costume Idea #10: Sushi

Go for a mommy and umami costume when you dress your baby as a tasty sushi roll. Put them in sushi print one-piece footed pajamas and attach the green fabric to a headband for instant wasabi.

You can also add a toy fish, like a teether or stuffie, for an accessory that soothes and comforts.

Costume Idea #11: Flower Garden

Do you want your little rosebud to be dressed as a beautiful flower for their first Halloween?

To create a flower garden costume, all you need is an on-the-go one-piece in an allover pink floral hydrangea print, green socks or booties, and a pink top-knot hat. Add some felt petals to the hat, and accessorize with a pint-sized watering can or pot filled with flowers for photos.

Costume Idea #12: Ketchup & Mustard

Looking for an easy and adorable idea for twins? There’s no classic condiment combo more iconic than ketchup and mustard—and they make for a simple baby costume to pull off, too! Simply dress your little ones in monochrome red and yellow ensembles (hats included).

You can even step up your family costume game by dressing the rest of the gang up as hotdogs and hamburgers!

Costume Idea #13: Spooky Ghost

Sometimes, Halloween calls for a little something spooky, and what better way to bring the scares than by dressing your baby up as a ghoulish ghost?

All you need is an all-white ensemble with a knotted gown and caps. Add some ghostly eyes to the hat or the gown to get the full spooky effect.

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