Fireworks, the ball dropping on the tv, plastic toy shakers, and a fresh supply of diapers—this New Year is certainly going to look different from the last. As a new parent (or a seasoned parent with a new little one), the holidays can feel like a time of politely navigating early exits from parties in favor of early bedtimes and squeezing in extra snuggles.

But if this is your baby's first New Year’s, you’ll want to watch the ball drop in style.

Make this New Year one for the baby books by adapting the holiday’s usual rituals or by making new, baby-friendly New Year holiday traditions for you and your little one.

#1 Throw a Family-Friendly Party

Hosting a New Year’s celebration with other parents is a simple way to ensure everyone enjoys the night. After all, you’re going to be surrounded by like-minded parents who also want to avoid late-late-night celebrations and prepare for their early risers.

With a whole-family party, adults don’t sacrifice socializing with friends, and children can start early in experiencing the magic of the New Year. If you have older children, family-friendly parties also provide a platform for them to build new friendships.

#2 Dress It Up & Dress Warm

Whether you’re going out or staying in on New Year's Eve, dolling yourself and your baby up is a simple and cute way to celebrate together. You’ll find that it’ll add natural glitz and glamor to your night. Don your sparkliest apparel, do up your updo, and tout your tot along in an adorable (and comfortable) newborn holiday outfit.

Just make sure it’s warm enough if you do go out! The winter months call for snuggle-ready ensembles, so regardless of outfit, don’t forget the extra baby blankets and sleep bags.

Dress you baby for comfort and style. Start shopping today!

#3 Plan and Prioritize Rest

Sleep is one of the most important factors for a new infant’s health, and New Year’s night should be no exception.1Consider the below tips for making sure your baby—and you—get enough shuteye to properly enjoy the night.

  • If you’re visiting a friend, give thought to arranging a quiet space in their home so your child has a place to dream their way into the New Year. For extra lulling effect, try out a gentle noise machine, like our Yogasleep Duet White Noise Machine; since they’re both portable and soundproofing, they’re a useful tool to make sure your baby isn’t woken unnecessarily.2
  • If you and the family venture out in the evening, try fitting in a nap beforehand for both you and the little one. Proper sleep makes for a happy baby, and your extra rest allows you to have the full energy tank to best enjoy yourself—especially if your baby is still keeping you up at night.
  • Cozy down at home for a New Year’s night in. Relaxing is rewarding and meaningful to catch up on any needed rest. Also, this way, you won’t have to dip out of the party or coordinate makeshift resting spaces alongside boisterous festivities. Take the quiet opportunity to reflect on warm memories from the year newly behind you.

#4 Capture the Memories & Start Traditions Early

Having a calm New Year with your baby brings new opportunities for cherishing precious family moments. It's the perfect way to usher in the new year. Taking one’s step into a new year for the first time is a grand milestone. Honor the memory by crafting a tradition.

  • Try a time capsule – Assembling a keepsake box makes the first New Year one to remember. It’s simple: collect cute photos, one of your baby’s garments, and any souvenirs from the year gone by, and place them all in one box. You don’t need to get your shovel out—instead of burying it, place it somewhere safe for easy access on future New Year celebrations.

  • Snap a New Year-themed picture – With a picture, you easily preserve the holiday memory of your baby’s first new year and you can even make it a New Year’s tradition. Whether you’re doing a solo photoshoot with your baby or including family and friends, gather some colorful New Year’s decorations and accessories to set the scene and click that camera away.

  • Holiday Hint: Pair these crafts with a special letter for your baby to read in the future when they’ve grown some. You can write about happy memories, fun family plans for the coming year, or even how your child grew in the past months. It’s a timeless memento unlike any other.

    Call in the New Year in Comfort with Monica + Andy

    New Year is a special day to reminisce about past memories, as well as plan for bright new ones. As a new parent, one of your year’s most cherished moments is welcoming your child into the world. So whether you’re partying it up or snuggling by the television watching the ball drop, you can do so in style and comfort.

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    Celebrating the coming year is a chance to welcome newness in your life: new goals, new laughter, and new memories. Grant your little one the newness of comfort beyond compare with Monica + Andy. How will you be celebrating New Year's Eve with your baby?


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