Mom holding cute baby in elephant sleep sack

While summer days can be a beautiful joy to spend outside with your little one, summer nights can often be hot and muggy, leaving you tossing and turning. If nighttime humidity has you struggling to catch some Zzzs, your baby is probably feeling the heat as well.

Fortunately, the best baby pajamas for summer are made of cool, breathable fabric that will stop your tot from overheating and promote a restful night’s sleep. By finding the right summer sleepwear, you can help ensure your baby goes to sleep comfy and wakes up feeling refreshed.

But how do you know which pajamas and fabrics are the best for summer? Check out this complete guide on the top summer baby must-haves for summer nights, as well as what to avoid.

Try Two-Piece PJs

When you prep for sleep in the summer, do you wear a thick, fuzzy one-piece, or do you opt for a cooler sleep shirt and shorts? Most of you probably wear the latter to beat the heat, so you should keep the same philosophy in mind when dressing your kiddo.

In fact, a two-piece baby pajama set will allow for better air flow to help keep your baby cool during hot summer nights. However, it’s also important to keep the material in mind. Not all fabrics are created equal, so you want to choose the most breathable fabrics when shopping for your baby’s two piece pajama set.

The best and worst materials for summer baby pajamas are:

  • Best: Cotton– For a crazy comfortable sleep, cotton is by far the best summer fabric choice. It’s lightweight and breathable to keep your little darling from overheating and make even the muggiest nights bearable.
  • Worst: Flannel and wool– Avoid putting your baby to sleep in hot fabrics, like flannel and wool. Though he or she may have adorable fuzzy pajama sets, it’s best to pack them away until the colder seasons return.

When you shop Monica + Andy, you can find breathable two-piece pajama sets that are made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and available in a variety of cute colors and patterns.

Opt for an Arms Out Wearable Sleep Bag

Using a wearable sleep bag is an excellent way to soothe your little one at night so he or she will enjoy a restful sleep. In fact, the coziness and security that wearable sleep bags provide can remind your little one of the coziness and security they felt while in Mom’s womb.

Fortunately, you can still use a wearable sleep bag during hot summer months by choosing one that allows your baby more breathability, like our Arms-Out Sleep Bag. This sleep bag is ideal for summer because:

  • It’s made of lightweight and breathable organic cotton
  • Its armless design allows for better air flow to help keep your baby cool
  • Its two-way zipper allows for easy removal for diaper or clothing changes

Avoid Baby Hats

You might love taking internet-worthy pictures of you and your little one in cute, stylish headgear, but experts agree that hats, beanies, and headbands are best left in those picture-perfect moments and taken off before bedtime.

This is because babies don’t have much control over their body temperatures, and most of their heating and cooling is done through their heads. So, putting a hat on your baby at night can:

  • Stop them from cooling down properly
  • Dysregulate their body temperature
  • Move around during sleep and cover their face
  • Be a potential hazard if it comes off in the night

Because babies don’t always sleep still, they can unintentionally shake off a head covering during the night. A loose hat or headband can easily turn into a crib hazard or slide down to cover your little one’s face, making it best to avoid them altogether at night.

Monica + Andy: The Best Selection of Baby Clothes for Summer and Beyond

Summer often means more outdoor adventures with your little one. But it can also mean hot and muggy summer nights. Fortunately, by outfitting your baby with the best baby jamas for summer, such as two piece cotton pajama sets and arms-out wearable sleep bags, you can ensure your baby stays cool and comfy all night long. But where can you find cute summer pajamas made with soft, safe fabrics you can trust?

The answer is Monica + Andy. Our baby clothes and PJs are ethically made of GOTS-certified organic cotton that’s snuggly-soft, free of harsh chemicals, and breathable, making them perfect for summer. Plus, because we prioritize being organic, sustainable, and ethical, you can feel good about your purchase and sleep just as soundly as your little one.

Try one of our limited edition cute designs and prints today for a pair of summer pajamas that look just as good as they feel on your baby’s skin.