Beautiful newborn baby, sleeping with little toy

You’ve probably heard the old expression sleeping like a baby. But what does that even mean? Waking up every two hours? Fussing or feeding all night?

The truth is that sleeping like a baby isn’t as peaceful as it sounds. In fact, getting your baby to sleep through the night requires a little more work than simply laying them down in their crib or bassinet.

If your little bundle is keeping you awake at night, it might be time to try a few effective baby sleep products. In this guide, we’ve listed out the best snoozy infant sleep product options to help your baby sleep.

The Best Snooze Tools for Baby

Effective baby sleep products should not only help your baby fall asleep—they should also help your baby stay asleep. This way, you both can get the essential rest you need to tackle each new day with energy and excitement.

Take a look below for our favorite infant sleep tools for your nursery, your baby, and yourself.

Baby Sleep Products for the Nursery

Whether your nursery is a room of its own or just a corner of your bedroom, these baby registry products will help a baby of any age drift off into dreamland even easier:

  • Blackout curtains – When your baby needs to nap at 11am, being able to darken your nursery is invaluable. Keeping excess light out will help create a dark and cozy sleep environment similar to the one baby had inside mom’s womb.
  • Sound machine – Research has shown that white noise is effective in helping babies reach and maintain sleep, as the whooshing and whirring soothing sounds resemble the sounds babies hear when they’re nestled in the womb.
  • High-quality crib or bassinet with a firm, supportive mattress – This isn’t a luxury; a firm, supportive bed is an absolute necessity for your baby’s comfort, as well as their safety.
  • Monitor – Being able to check on your baby without tiptoeing and creaking across the room will help both of you rest easier.

Baby Sleep Products for the Baby

Along with your snoozy sleep environment, you can set your baby up for sleep success with the proper sleep attire

  • Swaddle (for 0–2 to 4 months) – Back in the long-ago days, parents had to make swaddles out of loose blankets, folding them like fabric origami. Luckily, today’s swaddle blankets are all-in-one handy sleep aids that keep your little one tucked in tight so they can stay warm and cozy at night.

But keep in mind, you should only swaddle your baby until they can roll over on their own (which typically happens between 2 to 4 months). Once they’ve reached this milestone, it’s safer to dress them in sleep attire that allows them the use of their arms.

  • Wearable sleep bag (for 3–36 months) – Once your baby has outgrown the swaddle, you can keep them warm during the night with a wearable sleep bag. Sleep bags typically come in three sizes: 3–6 months, 6–9 months, and 9–12 months (although you can also find sleep bags for babies up to 36 months). A wearable sleep bag acts as a wearable blanket, keeping your little one cozy and safe until they’re ready to transition to a real blanket.

While there’s no set age to transition from a wearable sleep bag to blanket, it’s important to wait until they’re at least one year old. Never put your baby to sleep with a blanket before this age, as it poses a suffocation hazard.

  • Footie pajamas (for babies & toddlers) – Sometimes, a swaddle or a wearable sleep bag is just too heavy, especially in the summer. For those not-so-chilly nights, you can help your baby sleep soundly and comfortably in footed pajamas. These pajamas can be worn by babies of any age, as well as toddlers.

Baby Sleep Products for You

Getting your baby to sleep is good, but ensuring you get your own rest is just as important. Try to make the most of your baby’s sleepytime by getting as much shut-eye as you can while they snooze. The key to getting great healthy sleep as a parent is creating a sea of calm and comfort. Here are a few tools to get you there:

  • Robe – You’re probably getting up in the night to change a diaper or feed your little one, so make sure you stay cozy with a plush robe that slips on and off easily.
  • Comfortable pajamas – And we mean comfortable. No pinchy waistbands allowed.
  • Nursing bra – Being able to support your breasts and access them quickly for a hungry kid makes this item indispensable in your wardrobe.
  • Tea – Calm yourself quickly with a warm cup of herbal tea before slipping under your covers. We love the soothing flavors of chamomile or lavender before bed.

Find Quality Sleep Supplies at Monica + Andy

Whether you’re planning ahead for a new baby or searching for healthy sleep solutions for your newborn, having the best quality sleep products will set you and your kid up for sleep success.

At Monica + Andy, our mission is to bring you the highest quality products and a community to cheer you onward in your parenting journey. That’s why all of our swaddles, wearable sleep bags, and footed pajamas are made with GOTS certified organic cotton. This fabric offers cloud-like softness to soothe and comfort your little one, without the yucky chemicals found in other fabrics. So, for a sound and a safe sleep, trust Monica + Andy.


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