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8 DIY Musical Instruments for Kids

8 DIY Musical Instruments for Kids

The great thing about music is that it can interest and entertain kids of all ages. And, with so many parents at home with kids of varying ages, we all could use a few ideas to keep them busy. 

We scoured the web for the easiest DIY musical instruments to make with your little ones. And, because we know not everyone is the crafty type, we added few quick fix options too. 

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All you need is balloons, empty cans and rubber bands to make a top of the line drum set! It's Always Autumn breaks it down to just a few easy steps. 

Quick Fix: Nothing like a wooden spoon and pot or spare plastic container to do the trick!

DIY Drum Set by It's Always Autumn

Whisk Maracas

Grab a whisk and pull back the wires to stuff a few bells inside. Let your little one explore what it sounds like to add different types of metal objects. 

Quick fix: Grab a box of macaroni or a pair of keys

Rainbow Paper Plate Tambourine

These super cute rainbow paper plate tambourines from Kids Craft Room will entertain for hours. 

Quick Fix: Take two paper plates and add 1/4 cup of beans inside (any type will work!). Staple the edges of the paper plate and you're done!

Rainbow Paper Plate Tambourine

CD Symbols

Finally there is a good use for those old CDs you've been hanging onto. Happy Hooligans has a great and easy tutorial to turn them into symbols. 

Quick Fix: Small metal condiment holders clinging together will give the same effect! 

Water Xylophone

Guaranteed everyone has the tools to make this one. Teach Beside Me walks you through how to successfully create a water xylophone (hint: it involves glasses, water + spoon only!). No quick fix for this one, doesn't get much easier than this! 

DIY Water Xylophone

Shakers + Noise Makers

All you'll need for these noise makers from The Crafting Chicks are a couple paper plates, uncooked beans and popcorn, a popsicle stick and stapler.

Quick Fix: Add beans or rice to a small container and tape shut with painters tape. Voila! 


Check out First Palette for some fun and easy ways to make your own castanets. It sounds fancy, but all you'll need is cardboard, some spare change, a hole puncher and rubber band.

Quick Fix: Cut a small strip of cardboard, take two bottle caps and glue one to each end. Fold the strip in half to tap the bottle caps together. 

DIY Castanet


This great STEAM activity from Buggy & Buddy works for kids of all ages. In just four easy steps your little one will have their very own homemade kazoo. 

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