Name: Jocelyn Delk Adams, Blogger, Cookbook Author and Founder of Grandbaby Cakes
Lives In: Chicago
Mom to: Harmony, 4 months old

Meet Jocelyn Delk Adams, a blogger, baker, cookbook author, and Chicago mom.

For Jocelyn, dessert is in her genes. Inspired by her grandmother, who turned out a neighborhood crowd every time she baked a cake, the recipes she creates turn classic flavors into modern treats. We sat down with the Chicago-based queen of sweet to talk food, family, and her favorite place to grab a hot dog.

How did Grandbaby Cakes come about? The passing down of generational recipes has always been a major tradition in my family. When I started Grandbaby Cakes, I wanted to create a way to preserve my family’s rich history and cherished recipes for decades to come. I had no idea how much this would impact others to do the same. Building a community around vintage soulful baking and cooking with a modern edge for newer generations has developed one of my life’s greatest purposes.

What do you hope mamas get out of the site? I hope mamas can find a way to connect with their young ones to create new and exciting traditions in their own families.

Favorite place to grab hot dogs in Chicago? It may be a chain, but I love Portillo’s.

Favorite item on the menu? I love their polishes with grilled onions. Insanely delish!

What makes this place so special? Perhaps what makes it special for me is the nostalgia. I’ve been going to Portillo’s since I was a little girl so it is near and dear to me.

Can we bring the kiddos? Absolutely. Portillo’s is a kid’s heaven. I always see tons of families there.

Favorite local sweet spot? I adore 26th Street Sugar Shack for funnel cake sundaes and, if you’re outside of the city, The Plush Horse is my absolute favorite old school ice cream parlor in Palos Park.

Your must-make recipe from the Grandbaby Cakes cookbook? My Mississippi Mudslide Cake— it’s my absolute favorite.

Biggest food craving during your pregnancy? Definitely ice cream. I went ice cream crazy!

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