Name: Sophie Jaffe, Founder of philosophie
Lives In: Los Angeles
Mom To: Kai, age 7 + Leo, age 5 + a girl due in June
Follow her at: @sophie.jaffe

Meet Sophie Jaffe, a raw food chef, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and LA mom.

Sophie founded her company, philosophie, to make it easier for people to achieve wellness. From cleanses to superfood products, she’s at the forefront of a food revolution. We sat down with this trailblazer to talk food, family and her favorite LA eats—with and without kids.

Where did your love of healthy food come from? It was a natural and organic evolution. I got super inspired my first year of college—going to farmers markets and learning about food & nutrition. Having the choice to feed and educate myself instead of being fed by my family.

Why did you decide to start the philosophie? There was a gap in the vegan protein powder market. Everything had sugar or stevia or soy in it and I personally didn’t want to eat powders with any of those ingredients, so i created my own!

What do you hope mamas get out of the site? The philosophie website is a place for mamas to find inspiration in EASY recipes that don’t take a long time—both for mamas and kiddos.

Favorite place for sushi in LA? KazuNori Sushi in Westwood.

Favorite item on the menu? Any of their hand rolls are epic. They’re made with warm rice. Ahhhhh!

What makes this place so special and sets it apart from the rest? They do handrolls really WELL, and that’s all they do. They have a very simple menu, and they make it right in front of you so you know it’s fresh and delish.

Can we bring the kiddos? As long as your kids can sit in a tall stool with no back, yes! That’s the only seating option.

Favorite go-to restaurant for the kids: Cafe Gratitude

What makes it so special? I just love that the kids are eating so clean and also have fun — superfoods, organic, lots of plants

Tell us what to order: “I am playful” vegan quesadillas and the “I am cool” mint chip,dairy-free milkshake

Favorite spot to treat the kids? Pressed Freeze for “ice cream” made out of juice and smoothies. Leo loves chocolate & strawberry with a cacao drizzle and Kai loves vanilla & chocolate with strawberries and almond butter drizzle.

Favorite activity to do with the kids in LA? We head to the Farmers Market at The Grove to discover new foods and listen to live music. It feels like we are traveling.

Go to meal you make st home for the kids? Egg in the nest. It’s an overeasy egg put into a hole of gluten free, coconut oiled piece of bread.

Biggest food craving this pregnancy? Grilled cheese!

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