Name: Arielle Haspel, Certified Health Coach, Chef, Soon-to-be Restaurant Owner and founder of Be Well With Arielle
Lives In: New York City
Mom to: Gemma, 15 months
Follow her at: @bewellwitharielle

Meet Arielle Haspel, a certified health coach, chef, soon-to-be restaurant owner, blogger, and NYC mom.

Her passion for healthy living is the cornerstone for everything she does. From one-on-one coaching to cooking classes to hosting duties, if it’s not healthy, it’s not her. We sat down with Arielle to talk food, family and her favorite NYC eats.

Where did your love of food come from? My parents! Every Sunday night growing up, our family would host a fun BBQ for friends and family. They would invite as many people as our NYC apartment could hold, so I got a lot of experience preparing, cooking, entertaining and eating at a young age!

How did Be Well with Arielle come about? Back in the day, I fell asleep at my desk at work. It was my major wake up call— even though I thought I was taking care of my body, I needed to learn how to be well in a whole new way. So I enrolled in nutrition school, started a self-love jewelry collection and began creating healthier versions of all of my favorite foods.

What do you hope mamas find at your website? Simple, practical and fun tips to upgrade your fridge, health and life.

Favorite place to get Macarons in NYC? Le Pain Quotidien and Orwashers. I love that Le Pain Quotidien uses organic ingredients. I don’t eat too many breads or baked goods, so when I want a treat, I make sure it’s from the best of the best.


Favorite flavor? Plain! The ones made with lots of shredded coconut. I also love the gluten-free chocolate chunk cookies at Le Pain Quotidien and the chocolate sticky bun babka from Orwashers. OMG, the most delicious treat ever!

Favorite baby-friendly NYC restaurant? Nanoosh. They bring out the food fast! They also have high chairs, serve lots of toddler-friendly foods and most of the ingredients are organic. Best of all, they also never roll their eyes at the mess afterwards!

Tell us what to order: Gemma loves the lentils, chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes and hummus.

Favorite activity with Gemma in NYC? Pet every single dog at the nearby park and stroll through the Union Square farmers market!

Your go-to family recipe: I love this butternut squash soup recipe. It’s super easy to make, so comforting and creamy (dairy-free) and great for the entire family!

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