For years, baby showers have come with their own exciting traditions to celebrate the new mom or dad and welcome the baby on the way. But if you’re new to the trend of a gender reveal party, it’s easy to wonder—what should a guest bring to this (pink or blue) table?

Whether that gender reveal ends up being a girl or boy, we can help you find the perfect gift to share in the excitement. Below are some of our top gender reveal gift ideas.

Baby Clothing + Accessories

Unless the newest little one is joining a few older siblings, their expecting parents will likely need some baby closet reinforcements. Help kick off their wardrobe with some brand-new organic baby clothes.

Here, you might find it helpful to stick with one of our best new baby gifts. Unless someone has let you in on the surprise, you might not know the baby’s gender yet. For now, give gender-neutral clothing and accessories so that the new baby’s parents won’t have to return any items. If you plan on giving clothes, be sure to get to know baby clothes sizes and how they work first.

From layettes to bibs, these baby clothing ideas can suit any new family’s style:

  1. Bodysuits – Every baby looks adorable in a one-piece bodysuit. A cute baby romper or bodysuit is not only an easy outfit option—the number of cute styles and patterns also make it the perfect gift for a casual gender reveal party. To help parents dress the little one easily, look for quality pieces with easy-on and easy-off snaps or zippers.
  2. Blankets – The new mom or dad will appreciate any extra comfort when their little one arrives. For safety and softness, opt for non-toxic cotton baby blankets in a gender-neutral color—or choose colors and patterns you know the parents will love.
  3. Baby gift box sets – Attending a combo baby shower/gender reveal? Impress with an apparel box set. From leggings to bibs, Monica + Andy cuddle boxes and layettes assemble all the goodies for you. If you happen to be throwing the party, consider making your “Ta-Da!” moment with a customized Monica + Andy gender reveal box.
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Toys, Toys, and More Toys

There’s nothing sweeter than a toy to light up the little one’s eyes and become their future playtime favorite. Toys keep it fun and playful with a gift that will delight the little one and give the new baby (and their parents) many happy memories.

To deliver a gift the parents-to-be can use with their brand-new baby right away, consider these newborn-friendly toy options:

  1. Stuffed animals
  2. Pacifiers + teethers
  3. Playmats or play yards
  4. Music players
  5. Books or book subscriptions
  6. Play “gyms” (multi-toy assemblies)

Self-Care for the Expecting Parents

The baby isn’t the only significant change happening around here—their parents are also going through a major life transformation during this time. A self-care gift for the expecting parents is a perfect way to give them some much-needed relaxation as they anticipate their new arrival.

From home spa treatments to accessories to promote deep sleep, here are some self-care items to help prepare the parents with some “me” time:

  1. A spa kit – Fill a box or basket with some self-care treats to give the parents a delightful at-home spa day. Candles, bath bombs, and face masks can provide some soothing relaxation at a moment’s notice. Meanwhile, lotions and products with vitamins A and E, rosehip oil, aloe vera, and shea butter can all help to soothe a pregnant mother’s belly.
  2. Slippers – Whether they need some extra comfort while awaiting their bundle of joy, some cozy footwear for the hospital stay, or a snuggly pair of slippers to step into during late-night feedings, you can’t go wrong with a pair of cute adjustable slippers.
  3. Supportive pillows – A sculpted maternity pillow can be amazingly helpful in supporting a mother’s body during pregnancy. However, a supportive pillow can be an incredible benefit for any parent hoping to stock up on ZZZs before a new baby. Look for memory foam pillows with neck support and cooling gel layers for an extra luxurious comfort.

Gifts for All the Rest

Babies practically come with their own shopping list. Check an item (or two) off their parents’ notepad with a thoughtful and practical gift.

Whether they equip the new family with useful tools or serve a sentimental purpose, these items cover a few of those parenting must-haves:

  1. A diaper bag – A quality diaper bag can keep babies and their parents happy on the road. Seek out a design with sturdy materials, a comfortable strap for carrying, and insulated pockets for bottles.
  2. A sound machine – Help everyone catch some more rest with a baby-approved sound machine. Gentle white noise from a sound machine can help to soothe the baby to sleep and drown out little sounds that wake up newborns. Who knows—it might even help the baby’s parents sleep, too.
  3. Photo frames and albums – A new parent will probably fill their phone’s camera roll with a million photos, but they might also want a way to put a few favorites on display. Help the new family cherish their memories with a lovely photo frame or album (or even a specialized frame for the baby's first ultrasound).

Gift Your Love with Monica + Andy

A gift can be a thoughtful way to show all your love and excitement for the parents-to-be and their coming baby. With a little effort and care, your gender reveal party gift will make any expecting couple beam with joy.

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Created and led by moms, Monica + Andy has the high-quality (and incredibly cute) infant apparel that you need. From organic cotton swaddles to striped rompers or even a customizable gender reveal box, you’ll never have to hunt for the perfect baby gift again.

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