If there’s a mompreneur out there that makes it all look easy, and oh-so-darn-good, it’s the founder of eDrop-Off Luxury Consignment, Corri McFadden. And while she makes it look easy, it’s been a lot of hard work that’s earned her style expert status and entrée into the homes and closets of loyal clients.

We were thrilled to catch up with Corri, get the inside scoop on her inspiring journey and snag a few closet-purging tips along the way.

First and foremost, let’s talk family. Can you tell us about yours and how becoming a mom has impacted your life?

I love my little family so much! I live with my forever life partner, Spiro and our daughter Zelda. We have two Yorkie-Poos, Harley and Emma and an Angora rabbit named Shakira. Becoming a mom has impacted my life in so many ways that I could have never dreamed. It’s a lot of work and things change, but for me it has all been for the positive. I’ve been given something larger than I am and everything has fallen into its perfect little place.


You came up with the idea for what is now your eDrop-Off Luxury Consignment business while you were in college. What’s it like to start a company at such a young age?

Starting a company right out of college (at the age of 22) has been a crazy adventure. I worked very long hours and I was pioneering an industry. I had created an online business when the Internet was still fairly new. Think back before Instagram or Facebook—people were still cautious about putting their credit card online. Being at the forefront of that has been so awesome and I have learned so many life lessons it has been so worth it.

VH1’s House of Consignment added “reality star” to your roster of credentials. What was it like to have cameras following you and your business day in and day out?

Having cameras follow you is insane. When you have a crew of 21 people show up and their entire day is dependent on you, it’s a lot. Before the show, I thought it wasn’t possible for me to work more than I was. During filming I had to do all of my work at night, which showed me that I could push myself further. My biggest takeaway was how to manage my time to use all the hours in a day to my advantage. I got to see what I was truly capable of doing.

You also contribute to various style blogs. What inspired you to launch a site of your own, Glitter and Bubbles?

I launched Glitter and Bubbles when I had Zelda as a way to document my journey as a mom. I was already running a style blog and I knew I needed to merge my new life as a mom with my life before having a child (it’s just a totally different life!). Glitter and Bubbles has allowed Zelda and I to work on some amazing projects together while collaborating with brands and documenting our life in a way that I will be forever grateful to have the ability to look back on.


Closet purging can be tricky. What tips do you have for expectant moms, new moms and veteran moms when it comes to choosing what get rid of and what to keep?

There are certain things expectant moms know they are never going to wear again (think Herve Leger bandage dresses). These are the things that have already made their way to the back of the closet and you should just get rid of them. Having items in your closet that you are not wearing carries a level of weight and purging feels good – especially when you are in that nesting mode. Use this time wisely and clean out your closet.

When you become a new mom a lot of times that comes with a new body. It might not be drastic, but things just fall a little bit differently. You need to explore what your new personal comfort zone is and what clothes come with it. If you’re planning to closet clean after the baby comes, don’t do it right away. Things are so crazy during the post partum stage and you want to make sure you have a clear head. Wait for things to calm down and give your closet a once over six months after the baby is born.

Maybe your feet changed sizes (they aren’t going back) so get rid of those shoes. You might never wear a crop top again because it’s just not what you are feeling – get rid of those because if you decide to go back to it, those things can always be replaced. Remove things from your closet that cause you stress. If you’ve changed sizes get those clothes out of sight. No one wants to start their day staring at the things that make them feel bad.

Has motherhood affected your sense of style?

Absolutely! If you had seen me five years ago, I was wearing six-inch heels everyday. I wore them proud but now that ain’t mama’s life! I have to be quick on my feet because I have a three year old and she is fast. I find myself wearing flats, boots or small chunky heels – which is something I thought I would never say, but that is who I am today.

What are some things you do to create balance between your career and family life?

Family time is family time and I don’t sacrifice that. Sunday is our day and I won’t make plans no matter what it is. For me to make an exception to that rule, Beyonce and Blue Ivy would have to invite us out to lunch. I also try to get home early – usually around 5:30pm, so I can hang out with Zelda before she goes to bed.

I only say yes to things that work for me. I get invited to a lot of events, but I only go if I want to go. It’s okay to say no. I think a lot times we feel like we have to do everything—but that is impossible. I only do what I need to do or really want to do.3_1.jpg

Since we’re being honest and we all have one—what’s your mom struggle?

I’m a working mom and it comes with a lot of guilt. No matter how much I tell myself that it’s okay, that I am strong, that I’m out there working and being a warrior, and that my daughter is seeing all this, I still have days where I don’t want to leave because I know I am missing important moments. However, with that I am also teaching Zelda lifelong lessons that will be with her forever. Everything comes with a level a guilt, it is just part of being a mom, but it is har

What are some of your favorite Monica & Andy pieces for Zelda?

I love the leather biker jacket. I have purchased this piece multiple times in multiple sizes. I even had it custom painted by the street artist Lefty, who I am a huge fan of. The new chambray dress screams summertime, I have a feeling that's going to be in heavy rotation this summer! Honestly the entire newborn line is a dream for new parents because everything is so soft and you feel good about putting your baby in it. Zelda lived in the onesies for a long time because the prints were so good, not to mention the fact that they snapped in the front which is such a lifesaver. Anytime someone asks me for advice on what to buy I tell them about the blankets, bodysuits, and little hats because they are just perfect for your new addition!