We've all heard that twins bring double the joy, and plenty of twin mamas would agree. That doesn't mean raising multiples is easy. But is it fun? You bet!

Plenty of expectant parents fear the prospect of having multiples, which is not so surprising. Between warnings about how high-risk twin pregnancies can be to concerns about raising more than one little newborn at a time, it's easy to see why soon to be parents can be a bit overwhelmed upon hearing 'you're having twins!' at that first ultrasound appointment.

But let's talk about the positives that go along with the challenges! We asked moms of multiples to share the most fun, wonderful things about raising twins. Here are some of our favorite answers:


The twin bond is real

'I have 5 y/o twin girls, the best part is seeing them love each other and play with each other. They definitely have that twin bond! The most challenging part of being a twin mom is buying two of everything.... And being on guard at all times! One could be sleeping and the other could be running races around the house! There are very few breaks! - @cheerioseverywhere

'My twins are a few weeks shy of 2 years old & the best part is having a front row seat to the twin bond...even for b/g twins it’s there, it’s strong, & it is insanely beautiful. The hardest part is having 2 kids needing the EXACT same thing at the same time. Contrary to outsiders beliefs, it absolutely is not the same as having kids close in age.' - @em.kelsay

Two peas in a pod can bring serious variety!

'I have twin girls. They are 10 months old...The best part is having 2 completely different little babies to watch grow up at the same time! Their personalities are opposite so we get a little of everything!' - @cherileighd

'Most fun is seeing how complete opposites my twin girls are and the most challenging is they are into everything at 14 mo old! Can’t keep up with them and my other two!' -@mirjana2

Matching outfits are SO fun

'I have two week old identical girls and the best part has been being able to dress them the same!!! Most challenging would be the lack of sleep' - @allikatt22_99

'Have loved dressing up my twins in matching blue sailboat and whale outfits!!!!' - @emilygrez

Are you a twin parent? If so, we want to hear from you. Tell us your favorite thing about raising multiples — we'll add more of our favorite responses right here!