Haven’t quite gotten around to photographing the kids for a holiday card? (Don’t worry, us either). Lucky for you, there’s still plenty of time. We’ve got a few tips to help get that perfect Christmas photo.

very merry moment by sara hicks malone


We've gathered the best tips to help you get a gorgeous family photo.

1. Full tummies, big smiles. Snack or feed before the shoot—and then get dressed in your matching Christmas outfit or Christmas pajamas.

2. Get into the groove. Cue up baby’s favorite tracks to set the mood.

3. Keep it real. We 💗 outtakes. Our favorite holiday shots show kids as they really are—goofy smiles and all.

4. Use some props! Taking a nice holiday photo with little kids can be challenging, but the right prop can help keep little ones entertained and make your photos more festive (think, Christmas lights, candy canes, Christmas stockings, ornaments, a Santa hat, or even a small Christmas tree).


5. Bring along reinforcement. Do the kids always happen to be in good moods when grandma or a cousin are around? Have them come by to help bring on the smiles.

6. Lighting is key. If it’s not realistic for you to shoot outside, choose a time during the day when the house has as much natural light as possible. (Pro tip: Use a flash outdoors and not indoors!)

7. Make it (actually) fun! Wrap a few presents for them to open while you’re shooting, bring on the sugar cookies or even move the photo shoot to your bed for a few jumping photos.

With a little bit of prep, taking a Christmas card photo can be a fun activity for the whole family!