How Friends & Family Can Help Postpartum

Those first few weeks (or even months) after having a baby, friends and family will ask if there’s anything they can do to help. Do not – we repeat DO NOT – be a martyr. Take them up on it. You’re going to need it, and they likely just want a few newborn snuggles in return. Win-win.


With all the focus being on feeding the babe, feeding yourself becomes last priority. But you need all the nourishment you can get, both for recovery and to just keep you going on minimal sleep. If it’s something that can be frozen (think: soups, lasagna, etc), even better.

Dog Walking

Put the baby in a carrier, a leash on the dog and going for a stroll multiple times a day sounds easy-peasy, but it can actually be quite the challenge with a newborn. Taking a dog walk off your list can be a huge sigh of relief. And your pooch will likely love the one-on-one attention away from the baby.

Food Delivery

Lack of sleep can make even the simplest tasks and decisions a huge challenge. Letting someone else handle ordering groceries (or even just dinner) means you don’t even have to think about it – that’s a gift.

Sibling Childcare

Finding the time and energy to give older siblings attention with a newborn at home is stressful. Playdates and one-on-one outings with friends and family will make them feel special (and give you a minute to breathe).


How long can a load of laundry sit in the dryer before being folded and put away? We’re here to tell you until every last piece is taken out individually and used/worn. It’s a task that can seem impossible between feedings, diaper changes, and failed naps. Let someone else do it if they offer.


Your house will be a disaster. It’s part of that newborn life, so just accept it. But if someone offers to send over a housekeeper, just say YES. A clean house can do wonders for your sanity when you spend 24/7 there.