Welcome to Mom’s the Word! We know you’re busy, so we’ve distilled this week’s top headlines in motherhood into this quick recap. Here’s all the news you need to know now:

  • A royal feud? Kiera Knightley penned a powerful essay about the realities of childbirth — and in it, she mentioned Kate Middleton's glamorous postpartum look, which was captured soon after she welcomed her third child. But apparently, the Duchess was 'annoyed' by the mention...
  • According to a new study, the worldwide C-Section rate has almost doubled since 2000. The researchers found about 21 percent of all births are via cesarean today — and they believe that rate exceeds the percentage of births which medically require surgical intervention.
  • Bode and Morgan Miller welcomed a baby boy, their third child together, and Bode's fifth overall. The birth holds special significance for the couple, as they tragically lost their 19-month-old daughter to a drowning accident just four months ago.
  • Like many parents, Kylie Jenner made a game-time decision when choosing her baby girl's name. Kylie originally planned to name her daughter 'Stormie', but at the last minute, she decided to drop the final letter and go with 'Stormi' instead. So if you're still not certain about your baby's name (or the spelling of said name), you're not alone.
  • The Little Milk Bar has launched a new campaign to #normalizebreastfeeding after Instagram reportedly flagged multiple ads from the breastfeeding brand. Their response? A social media movement featuring moms nursing while wearing cat masks. It's all part of the brand's mission to encourage mamas to 'drop the cover'....and the images are pretty hilarious!