Dear Sophie and Madden,

They said it would be much crazier. They said that two is just so different from one. They said you will somehow expand your heart once again. They were right.

The chaos of current life is just that. Chaos. We shuffle quickly from work and school to play dates and music class. From grocery stores to checkups to playgrounds. And once in a while, we get to take a minute to slow down and breathe. And those are the best moments, because just being with our family of four, we can enjoy one another and try to preserve this moment in time. We know that not so long from now, the cuddles and constant need for our attention will wane. So for now, we take it day by day, cherishing the special family moments.

They said life will never be the same. They were right about that too. In all the best ways.


Bonnie Lessans
Mom, Preschool Teacher, and Founder of Petite DC