Dear Jack and Ben,

Surprise! Twins! It's a day I'll never forget. That's the first time I saw you, Twin A and Twin B, on my 8-week ultrasound.

I'm a twin, but they always say twins skip a generation. Sure, the thought of having twins always excited me but I never thought it would happen. When the ultrasound tech asked if twins run in the family, I knew right away we were doubly blessed! Mommy was crying, Daddy was giggling, so many emotions running through our heads.

From week to week, I tracked your growth from the size of an appleseed to the size of a pumpkin. I looked forward to your updates every Thursday. It made you feel more real and got me excited for your arrival. We spent our weekends creating your nursery and baby proofing the apartment. My pregnancy wasn't exactly easy. It didn't go fast and it felt like I would never meet you. From feeling sick, to sleepless nights waking up at 1:30am for work, to my growing belly that made it to 39 weeks. I also wasn’t prepared for the 20 hours of labor that ended as an unplanned C-section. But, it was all worth it when Daddy brought you over to me and I kissed your warm cheeks just seconds after you were born. Twin A and Twin B became Jack and Ben.

From the moment we met my love for you has kept growing. Our cuddles, your baby scent, your little personalities; the way you cry, sleep, eat, smile, the sweet noises you make. It all melts my heart.

You're two months old today and maternity leave is ending. At this point, I can't even remember being pregnant. Time has flown by since you entered this world.Know this: I treasure every moment with you. Mommy and Daddy have so many plans for you and while these are the best moments of our lives, we know there are more to come for a lifetime.

Some say double the trouble. I say double the joy. My biggest struggle is trying to split my love and attention evenly between both of you. You're our best surprise in the whole world.



Samantha Augeri

Fox 5 News Meteorologist

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