Time to bring a lot of FUN to your little one's Easter experience this year. We took some major inspo from our Easter prints this year to come up with a few easy and fun ideas to get your little ones into the holiday spirit (minimum supplies needed!).

DIY Easter Bunny Garland

Supplies needed: Fun printed scrapbook paper, pom poms, yarn, fork, craft glue, and scissors.

Directions: Cut out bunny shapes for your kiddos with different prints and colors of scrapbook paper. Help them glue on little pom pom tails to each bunny. (You could even let them get more creative and draw on the bunnies, or add sequins!). Tape to a long piece of yarn and let your little babes decorate their bedrooms with the garland.

Bonus: Dress them up in our 'Hoppy Days' print!

Emoji Easter Eggs

Supplies: Eggs (You can use blown-out real eggs or paper mache eggs.) Yellow, White, Pink + Turquoise Craft Paint, Black + Red Paint Markers.

Directions: Paint all eggs yellow and let dry completely. Draw/paint each face!

Bonus: Dress them up in our 'Colored Eggs' print!

Bunny Cupcake Toppers

Supplies needed: Long strip of construction paper, hot glue (for you only!), 3 toilet paper rolls, pale pink + white paint, and a black marker.

Directions: Roll out the construction paper on a long table and gather the kiddos around. Hot glue the 3 toilet paper rolls together for the kids and pinch two of them to form pointed "ears"! Put some white paint on paper plates for the kids to dip the toilet paper rolls into and start stamping the construction paper. Use a small paint brush to add in the pink ears and pink nose. Let dry. And then go back and use your black marker to add eyes, mouth and whiskers. 

Bonus: Dress them up in our 'Black + White Bunnies' print!

Easter Egg Flower Art

Supplies Needed: Colored construction paper, strong craft clue, scissors, and either faux foliage + leaves from your local craft store, or real flowers from the garden!

Directions: Trace a large egg shape out on the colored paper for the kids to cut out. Arrange your foliage in basket or container, encourage kids to practice their fine motor skills by snipping off ends and taking off petals. Arrange your flower design on the paper Easter eggs. Glue down your design!

Bonus: Dress them up in our 'Bunny Patch' print!

Paper Plate Easter Chick

Supplies Needed: Glue sticks, googly eyes, yellow feathers, orange construction paper, scissors, yellow paper dessert plate.

Directions: Cut two long strips for your chicks legs, a little diamond for a beak and two little chick feet out of orange paper. Make the chicks legs by accordion style folding each strip of paper, then glue the feet to the bottom of each leg. Attach your legs to the bottom of your paper plate. Fold the orange diamond in half to make the chicks beak and attach to the center of your plate. Add your goggly eyes and attach some feathers to the back of the plate to give your chick some fluffy wings and that’s it. You’re done!

Bonus: Dress them up in our 'Little Farm Friends' print!




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