From its preppy boutiques to vibrant row houses and study-friendly cafes, Georgetown gives off a sophisticated vibe, but this historic neighborhood happens to be super kid friendly—so long as you know the right places to look! We tapped M+A friends Crystal Bowyer, President and CEO of the National Children's Museum, and Hilary Eldridge, Partner at Achilles PR, to show us around their favorite kid-friendly spots.

Crystal's Picks

Crystal Bowyer and her son Preston, 4-years-old @crystalbowyer


Pizza Paradiso This place is our son's favorite family fun night. The pizza is great—even to my Chicagoan husband—but the downstairs arcade is the carrot we use throughout the meal. Preston is always on his best behavior to be sure he'll get a couple of dollars worth of ski ball and other games.

Georgetown Public Library This gorgeous place is our local library. Our son has a library at school that he uses during the school year, but in the summer, over school breaks, or when the grandparents are in town, Preston loves to visit the library.

Olivia Macaron Georgetown is home to the French Embassy so we have the best bakeries in town (or even some of the best in the country, IMO). We love Boulangerie Christophe and Patisserie Poupon for breakfast pastries and cafe au lait, but for an after-dinner treat we like to support our local macaron shop, Olivia's. We have a Laduree in the neighborhood, which we love as well, but like Georgetown Cupcake, it can sometimes be flooded with tourists. Olivia's flavors are amazing and they are always fresh!


Oki Bowl This is our go-to spot in the fall and winter. The decor is incredible and magical. Since I work in the museum industry, I had to ask who they used to transform the space, and apparently a Thai couple that works in theater set design made this little row house into a Japanese garden. It's very fun, right down to the black light-lit restrooms with fake jellyfish tanks. But our son loves, loves, loves the miso ramen, which he believes instantly makes him feel better when he is sick. The waitstaff is so sweet to Preston and they always bring him a little treat after the meal, and encourage and compliment his chopstick usage. It's a sweet and yummy cultural, culinary experience for the family.

Hilary's Picks

Hilary Eldridge and her son Alexander, 21-months-old @hilary_phelps


Nook This is a beautifully decorated indoor play space for kids up to five-years-old in Arlington, Virginia. They offer wooden toys, an activity center with stickers, markers and paper, a ball pit and a reading space for families to explore, see and do. Alexander loves the ball pit and I love that he can play without restriction. Parents must make a reservation, which is nice to prevent overcrowding. They also offer coffee for mamas which is a win-win in my book!

Georgetown Waterfront Park I like that each season there's something happening at the Georgetown waterfront. In the summer, we splash in the fountain, have a picnic lunch on the grass or grab our Bob and jog the paved paths along the Potomac River. During the holidays, GLOW comes to Georgetown and offers families a nightly show of holiday lights, which are always spectacular. It's the perfect spot for parents to relax with a coffee and kids to run and play.


DC Tea at the Four Seasons DC On Saturdays, the Four Seasons in Georgetown offers a tea service for families. Champagne, tea, cucumber sandwiches and petit-fours for adults; mini-cheeseburgers, PB&J, milk and cookies for the littles. Swirl provides activity kits for the kids, with a different learning activity every week and they have a DJ spinning music. Alexander plays and dances with the other kids and it's fun for the whole family to do something special every now and again.