Decoding The Mommy Board Acronyms

FTM here. I’m desperate for some help with my 3-week old DD. I’m trying to EBF while home on ML (currently NAK), but my LO is constantly screaming bloody murder. Could it be a DA? Is she hungry and I need to supplement with FF? It’s struggle city over here, and I need some guidance. TIA

If the above makes you think HUH, welcome to the MMB (mommy message board)! We’re here to help you talk the talk with this list of acronyms. Soon enough, you too will be speaking in code.

Term Definition
AP attachment parenting
BC birth control (what reading a mommy board will drive you to)
BFN big fat negative (on the stick)
BFP big fat positive (on the stick)
BM breast milk (we gotcha there, huh?)
CC controlled crying (a sleep method)
CD cloth diaper
CIO cry it out (aka hell on earth)
DA dairy allergy
DD dear daughter
DH dear husband
DS dear son
DTD did the deed (isn’t “sex” just as easy to spell?)
EBF exclusively breastfeeding
EBM expressed breast milk
EC elimination communication (we had to wiki that one too)
FF formula feeding
FTM first time mom
LAM Lactational Amenorrhea Method (natural birth control while breastfeeding)
LO little one
MC miscarriage
ML maternity leave
MMB mommy message board
NAK nursing at keyboard
OWT old wives tale
PG pregnant
POAS pee on a stick
PPD postpartum depression
RIE Resources for Infant Educarers (the parenting method all the LA moms follow)
SAHM stay at home mom
TIA thanks in advance (the universal sign-off on the MMB)
TTC trying to conceive
VBAC vaginal birth after cesarean
WAHM Work at home mom
WM Working mom