Welcome to Mom’s the Word! We know you’re busy, so we’ve distilled this week’s top headlines in motherhood into this quick recap. Here’s all the news you need to know now:

  • Pregnant with a baby girl? This recent study may give you a reason to do things that'll help you relax. But don't stress out too much about these findings because, well...that sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?
  • This woman decided to have a baby at 58. Our take on this? Good for you, Mama! Unfortunately, not everyone saw it that way. Here's how she's confronting the unnecessary criticism.
  • Serena Williams has been open about her new mom struggles — including the issue she faced when returning to work while breastfeeding her daughter. And while we can't exactly relate to the tennis great's life, this working mom issue is way too real.
  • Trevor Noah just got REAL about attitudes towards public breastfeeding. Consider this a win for nursing mamas!
  • Tired new mama? You're not alone. Cardi B totally feels your pain — as evidenced by the video she posted while trying to get her baby girl to go to sleep.