Welcome to Mom's the Word! We know you're busy, so we've distilled this week's top headlines in motherhood into this quick recap. Here's all the news you need to know now:

  • This Texas mama had the most hilarious reaction when someone dared to tell her to 'cover up' while nursing her little. Score one for public breastfeeding!
  • Khloé Kardashian just got really real about early motherhood — more specifically, about the unwarranted comments people make towards moms. And honestly? We're so on board with her thoughts on everything from commenting on a mom's feeding choice to unnecessary comments about how 'tired' a new mom looks.
  • A recent study found a relationship between the need to check work emails during non-work hours and an overall family's health. You can probably guess what researchers found. But this is an important lesson for all of us to consider — because taking the time to power down is so important for ourselves and for our families.
  • New mom Cardi B decided to drop out of her tour with Bruno Mars to log some quality time with her baby girl, Kulture. Fellow mamas are cheering her on, because celebs deserve maternity leave too!
  • Thinking about having your labor induced at 39 weeks? A recent study finds it won't increase your chances of a dangerous outcome or C-section, provided your pregnancy is low-risk. As always, only your doctor can determine the best course of action for you.
  • It's here — the interview we've all been waiting for ever since Beyoncé announced her twin pregnancy in spectacular fashion. Queen Bey covered Vogue and opened about her pregnancy, delivery and more.